2022 Colour Trends

2022 colour trend predictions to inspire you

As 2021 begins to wind down, you may be considering potential ways to revitalise your home environment to welcome in the new year. In our previous article on choosing a festive colour scheme, we explored how specific colours in our surroundings have been proven to directly impact our emotional state. There is no doubt we have all experienced turbulence in the past two years as a result of the pandemic, and unfortunately we cannot yet say it is behind us. For many of us, a significant struggle throughout the pandemic has been the loss of control over what happens in our lives. As difficult as that is, it is important to maintain focus on what we can control… Ensuring your home environment is as well-suited to your needs as possible is an important aspect that you can control.

Transitioning into a new year presents a moment to re-evaluate what these unique needs are for each of us. As mentioned, colour can be used to curate the atmosphere you desire for your space. However finding the perfect colours to fulfil this can be difficult, therefore it is useful to explore the colour trends for the coming year. Trends are not something we recommend to follow simply because they are popular, but it’s true they do tend to reflect the mood of the times. Perhaps some of these selected colours may personally speak to your situation or at least give you some inspiration.

Top 5 2022 Colour Trends

Note: This top five list is a collation based on the predictions from the world’s leading colour and paint specialists. AKKA Architect has no affiliation with these brands.

Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri – Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022
pantone color of the year

“Displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives.” 1– Pantone

The pandemic has given us a lot of time to be introspective. This Pantone colour represents a sense of optimism about entering a new chapter. Remembering everything we have learned from this period and being courageous and bold enough to do things completely differently than we did in the past.

Image source: Pantone

Babouche No.223 - Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball Colour of the year

“Babouche takes its name from the distinctive colour of the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco. It has a cheerful brightness that will intensify when used in large areas, but it is always dignified and never garish. Babouche can be paired with Railings for a very modern but sumptuous effect.” 2 -F&B

Nothing says optimism like a cheerful yellow. Babouche has a depth to it that prevents it from being overpowering in the way that tends to discourage people from this hue. If you are looking to bring a sunshiny feeling into your home no matter the weather outside, you might wish to look into the potential of this 2022 colour.

Image source: House Beautiful

Bright Skies - Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2022
Dulux colour of the year

“The shade for 2022 is Bright Skies™. It’s an airy and fresh tone that opens up and breathes new life into any space. Discover how you can use this transformative shade, plus its four complementary colour palettes, to reinvent your home.” 3 -Dulux

Take a look at Dulux’s product images of this room before and after ‘Bright Skies’, you will be astonished at how it seems to bring the sky directly into the room. This colour seems to expand the space, it would be an ideal colour candidate if you are looking to counteract any cramped feelings caused by limited square footage in your home.

Image source: Dulux

October Mist 1495 - Benjamin Moore’s Colour of the Year 2022
Benjamin Moore Colour of the year

“Green is a foundational colour; a grounded canvas from which endless combinations can be achieved… Evoking the silver-green stem of a flower, this gently shaded sage quietly anchors a space, while encouraging individual expression through colour.” 4 -BM

Many of us grew a reliance upon the natural world during the lockdowns, which has an ability to help us clear our mind and see things from a new perspective. ‘October Mist’ introduces the feeling of flora and fauna into your space, allowing you to begin and end your day with this clear disposition, even if you did not have the opportunity to take a walk in the park that day. Green’s foundational elements usually makes for easy pairing with the colours you might already have in your home interior.

Image Source: Benjamin Moore

Incarnadine No.248 - Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball Colour of the year


“Incarnadine is unashamedly classic and glamorous. It can be used to sumptuous effect in halls when offset with Tanner’s Brown on woodwork, or feel more edgy and graphic when paired with a bright white.” 5-F&B


There is no getting around the boldness of this ‘Incarnadine’ colour. Perhaps you see 2022 as the year to be bold and make a statement. If so, why not revitalise a room in your home to embody this boldness? It is an incredibly powerful shade with the potential to create a breath-takingly glamourous atmosphere if that is what you wished to achieve.

Image source: House Beautiful

Uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve in 2022 is difficult, but one thing we can be sure of is that we remain optimistic about the future. Entering a new year offers the opportunity to have a fresh start and welcome new things into our lives. Introducing a new colour scheme into your home could be a fantastic way of establishing the kind of atmosphere you would like in your life.

Finding colours that you love and you would like to incorporate into your space is only half of the battle. The way in which you practically introduce the colour – as in what do you apply it to and in what size – is important, as well as that of ensuring it does not clash with the existing colour scheme of your home interior. Having a professional on board to advise you on such matters can be very beneficial, whether you are fully renovating or simply making slight adjustments. However, with or without a professional, take a look at our upcoming blog piece which will provide some insights into the effective ways to implement colour in your interior.

If you are interested a new colour scheme for your interior or are planning on constructing or renovating your home or workplace and would like some help, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.


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