3 Easy Home Updates

3 Easy Home Updates: minimum budget for maximum effect

There are many benefits that have been proven to come as a result of switching up your home environment. If the interior of your home has remained the same for a long period, the atmosphere can begin to feel slightly stagnant and uninteresting. Taking the time to make even the smallest and inexpensive changes to your interior can make a big difference to how you experience your environment. Switching it up can give your space a new sense of life and energy! And the spring season is the perfect time to welcome this sort of change.

Of course you can opt for a more extreme kind of change in the form of an in-depth home renovation project. however, since that is not always possible for everyone, this article will focus on ways to bestow that refreshing sense of life on your interior with changes that require very little to no financial commitment.

Read on to discover 3 simple but effective changes to update your home environment and give it a new lease of life.

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Image Source: AKKA Architects, Residential Client.

1. Painting walls

Colour has a very significant effect over the mood and atmosphere created in any room. The beauty of this solution is that although painting wall(s) has the potential to dramatically transform a space and make a powerful statement, it is low cost and entirely possible to Do It Yourself. Consider these ideas:

  • Accent one wall with colour, choosing a bold statement colour which contrasts the surrounding walls can really transform the energy of a space.
  • Paint the adjacent (joining) walls of a meaningful corner in a room, this could be the vector point of an L-shaped sofa for example.
  • Things to bear in mind when painting walls: take into account how the sun will interact with the colour if the accent wall is opposite a window. Also avoid painting more than two wall surfaces with the accent colour as the bold effect will be lost and the room would be overpowered.

Knowing which colours would best suit you and your given space can be challenging, therefore if you opt for this home update we highly recommend checking out our articles on 2022 Colour Trends and Implementing Colour beforehand.

2. Rearranging existing furniture

Changing the positioning of your furniture can have an unexpectedly significant impact on the dynamic of your living space, especially if it has sported the same arrangement for a long time. Rearranging furniture allows you to experiment with elements such as how you experience the natural light as well as how fluently you manoeuvre within and between your spaces. Improving these aspects can not only help with efficiency in your daily activities but can also grant a fresh perspective. Here are ideas for switching it up without buying anything new:  

  • Flip the room along the vertical or horizontal line axis of the room.
  • Rotate the room along a central point, as if you were turning it like 180 degrees.
  • If there is a central feature of attention in the room, such as a TV, try changing its position and then adjust the surrounding furniture to adapt to this change.
  • Changing the position of mirrors in the space is particularly effectively. If you don’t have any, consider adding in a strategic location. (Ok, maybe buying one thing!)

Image Source: AKKA Architects, Residential Client.

3. Eliminating daily frictions

Eliminating the daily frictions you experience is a small but effective adjustment which can make your life easier and make you fall in love with your home all over again. Try locating the small day-to-day difficulties you frequently encounter in your living environment and eliminate them by introducing a solution to the problem. For example:

  • Don’t have a safe place to put your phone in the bathroom? Add a small shelf exactly where you need to put your phone down.
  • Continually misplacing your house keys? Drill a hook in the wall at an intuitive and unintrusive spot near your front door.

Problems of this nature may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things but such simple solutions can subtly make your living experience more relaxed and effortless.

The atmosphere in your home environment has a direct influence over the energy of those inhabiting the space, which is what makes it such an important factor in our lives.

If you are looking to make a more significant update to your home interior, check out one of our recent articles on Trendy Interior Design Styles for some inspiration! Beyond the small improvements we discussed here, another key aspect to your home environment being as convenient and stress-free as possible is ensuring home and work life can be effectively separated. This is particularly relevant if you are someone who finds themselves working from home often. Our article on Home Office Solutions offers simple and effective methods to create an ideal working environment in your home, even with constraints on space and budget.

If you need advice about updating your home environment or you are planning on designing or renovating your home and would like some help, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.


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