A Portal to your Home | How to Optimize your Entrance

A Portal to your Home | How to Optimize your Entrance

The entrance of your home is the very first impression your home gives. It is a great opportunity to reflect both the overall aesthetic of your space and your personality. At the same time it is important that it is utilitarian and makes your daily life easier. Let’s be real, nobody likes to be stressed searching for their keys and wallet just before heading out. And wouldn’t everyone love to be able to offload their coats and shoes quickly yet neatly, as soon as they get home?

Here is how to optimize your home’s entrance in the most practical and stylish way.


In case your entrance space is small & narrow

A small entrance can be the perfect opportunity to create a cozy and homey feeling that welcomes you and your guests, the minute you arrive home. Even if the space is limited there are always clever tricks you can implement to optimize the space, make it functional and make it feel welcoming.

Hangers and Shelves

Hangers and Shelves are great for coats and jackets, keys, phones and maybe even some change, handy to tip your delivery person. There is nothing more practical than this. Another addition is shoe-racks and storage baskets under your shelves and hangers. You can devote the whole entrance area to clothing and storage. You can just add a small shelf with a wall-hanger and a rack under it. It takes zero room and creates space for your belongings. Consider this area to be the space where you can release every physical and mental baggage before you enter your home and relax.

Image Source: wayfair.ca


Mirror on the Wall

A classic way to optimize your space and add style is a mirror on your wall – it can be above your shelf.  You can take a good look at yourself before leaving the house – maybe quickly correct your hair or make-up while grabbing your keys on your way out.

Image Source: housebeautiful.com

Beautiful Rug

Take a few minutes to relax and transport yourself into the forest. Picture your worries slowly drifting away with each ripple of water in this peaceful stream – any unwelcome thoughts become leaves that are gently swept up by the current until they eventually disappear out of sight. Hang around for as long as you need before finding calmness to take back with you when it’s time to return to work.

Image Source: nazmiyalantiquerugs.com

Custom Tailored Made Ideas

In addition to the well know tips, there are always smart hacks that can be tailor made specifically for exvery situation. In this project of ours, this family needed a place for their keys, so we created a niche behind their TV furniture, which was itself tailor made too.  

More on this project here.

In case your entrance space is large

Large spaces can be great. However, sometimes they can also seem cold, chaotic or unwelcoming. With the right interior design hacks, you can ensure your large entrance is a comfortable, welcoming and stylish space; a magnificent portal.

Small Sofa

If you have the space, consider creating a pre-entrance, a sort of vestibule space, a space before the space. This is a very famous feature in traditional Japanese architecture. The vestibule just inside the main entrance to a Japanese home is called a genkan. Whatever your style is, you can create your own version of a ‘genkan’. A small sofa or a couple of armchairs could be perfect for putting on/off your shoes, or waiting for other people when you are ready before them. This space will be functional but can also be a statement area, a teaser before people get to visit the rest of your home.

Image Source: zipy.gr


Whether a few or a full oasis, plants and greenery in the entrance of your house make a connection between the outside and inside parts of your home. In addition, walking into greenery can give you a fresh boost and help you detox at the end of a long day.

Image Source: nytimes.com

Photos / Posters

To reach a homey feeling in a potentially ‘cold’ and ‘large’ space, you can always warm up the space by introducing yourself, your family and your friends with some photos for example. Alternativeely posters and art pieces that inspire you, or make you smile can be a great reminder of positivity in your house. You can also choose an item that acts as an ice-breaker or a conversation starter, great when receiving guests!

Image Source: wallsauce.com

Console Table

A large console table with drawers and space on top for your favourite decoratives and necessary items is also a great choice to fill a large space, add depth, create storage and also give a bit of style to your entrance.

Image Source: www.decoist.com

Of course if your space is big enough, you can consider a combination of many of the items listed above. When done well, a combination can create a perfect – and a very unique – entrance area.

One last smart hack, if you need to divide your entrance from the rest of your home, try a see-through piece of furniture, like a library with open shelves, a folding divider, or even install some modern screens. Wood can be a great choice to bring warmth into the space. But if you prefer something more modern, there are many choices out there!

Image Source: homelovr.com

Always remember, no matter how big or small your home is, an entrance is a major daily necessity. And with the perfect interior design, you can create not only a functional space that will literally make your life easier, but also a stylish space that can nurture your emotions, and that you can connect with on your way in and out. 

If you are considering renovating, updating, or just refreshing your interior, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.


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