About Kindercore

About Kindercore

The Kindercore trend brings joy to our everyday life. With simple, playful pieces and lots of colour, this aesthetic promises to improve any dull mood and break the monotony.

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What is Kindercore?

The word is reminiscent of kindergarten as the tone is inspired by childhood. Kindercore is a new decoration trend that borrows children’s elements in terms of colours and shapes, in order to add a playful mood in the space.

In a way, Kindercore has a 70s – vintage aesthetic, because of its bold colours like orange and its round shapes. Check out or piece on 2023 trend to learn more.

Why now?

After the pandemic and the mental deterioration caused by its consequences, there is a need for renewal and vibrant turnarounds. 

Developed in the opposite direction to the monochromatic minimalist trends of modern decoration, Kindercore particularly fights the dominance of grey and black & white.

Think about how much time we spend at home. After the pandemic remote work became more and more popular and apart from that, people re-evaluated the so called “me-time” and “cocooning” has become an acceptable reason to stay in. At the same time, mental health is now prioritized more than ever. Check our piece on mental health here.

A cold black & white or gray home only reminds as of the time before all of these realizations.


Kindercore style is a response to the stressors of our times and our collective desire to move in an inclusive, inclusive direction.

– Sarah Barnard, Interior Designer

Image Source: blog.casaomnia.it

How to “Kindercore” ?

The best way to integrate Kindercore into your space is to start with small, bold objects. For example, you can replace your bedside table with a more cheerful one or add some cushions with a dominant element of bright colour. Geometry patterns are also a big yes.

When it comes to furnishing, curvy, chubby furniture, those with soft curves and lots of padding, that exude comfort and relaxation, are cute and playful. Don’t forget colour-blocking between textures and items.

For the more daring ones, a children’s drawer, a dashing red chair or even a rocking vintage horse can evoke childlike energy and liveliness.

If you do not want to over-do it, try a big playful statement piece in the middle of the space and match it with other more low key but still joyful items.

To sum up, Kindercore is the new trend in decoration that will give colour to the space, will awaken the child within and will dare to combine colors and shapes, leading away from the sterile cold and outdated aesthetics.

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