Alternative Ideas for Xmas Decorations

Alternative Ideas for Christmas Decorations

It is the most wonderful time of the year …. to decorate! If you love Christmas and Christmas decorations but cringe at the idea of a huge tree taking up your living room and a cluttered house full of the same old decorations, you will find the following alternative – space efficient yet festive – ideas really helpful.

Instead of a Tree

Instead of a Christmas tree you can always decorate a plant (or all the plants) you already have in your house. If you don’t have any, why not get a new plant that you can decorate now and keep forever after!  You may also prefer to decorate simple tree branches or metallic miniature trees.

And then there was Light

Sometimes simple lighting spreads the Christmas joy and serenity more than any decorative object. Furthermore Christmas decoration trends always change and it is not cost-efficient to purchase new items every year. A minimal and bright option is to decorate your plants, the staircase, a cabinet or whatever item / area you choose only with garland lights. Clear white led is a popular option. As a bonus, garland lights you can reuse in summer, for those bright summer evenings and park barbecues!

The Xmas Corner

The Christmas corner is a place in your house that is exclusively devoted to the Christmas Spirit. That way you can have all the Christmas fun without changing the entire aesthetic of your house or overdoing it with decorations. Usually, this corner is in the hall or the entrance of the house. It could be a small table, a place under a window, or even the fire place – if you have one-   for a more homey feeling. This limited Christmassy space can be a focused area where handmade Family Cards, Cherished Photos and Presents can be placed.

Christmas Greenery

Holly, Mistletoe, and the ultimate Christmas house plant Poinsettia.

These plants are not only great natural and colorful solutions but they can also be thoughtful and meaningful gifts to your loved ones these festive days!

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