Attracting, screening and retaining the best employees for your organisation

The missing step in attracting and retaining talent for any organisation.

In order for your company to be successful, you need to attract, screen and retain the best talent in the industry to your firm. Many companies go out of their way to make attractive employee packages to help entice top tier workers, but while this may help bring in the best talent, it doesn’t always help retain them. In a competitive marketplace, there’s always another company with a better package or higher pay, so how does a great company keep the talent they find?

In order to retain talent at your company, having a screening process during recruitment can really help. A screening process helps to sort out the people who will be happiest in your company, and will stay because they feel like your company is the right fit for them. Studies have shown that many people will even choose lower pay and fewer benefits if they feel that the company has values that match their own. If that’s the case, how do you screen for these perfect fit people?

Attracting screening and retaining the best talent
See if their vision aligns.

Every company has a specific vision of how they want their work culture and company message to be perceived. Whether you want your company to help children learn to read, or to produce the most innovative tech of the century, your vision is part of what will drive talent to come and stay.

When you screen potential talent before hiring, ask them about the vision of the company, and see if they’re inspired by it. You also want to ask them about their own vision and check for alignment. The people who not only truly admire your vision but also have a vision of their own that is aligned, will be the people who stay.

Attracting screening and retaining the best talent
Attracting screening and retaining the best talent
Attracting screening and retaining the best talent
Ask about their values.

Just as all companies have their own vision, they also have a unique set of company values. If the talent you are seeking has different values, they won’t be a good fit for your company, at least not long term. An environmentalist who pickets for change on the weekends won’t be happy working for a fossil fuel company, but they might love and stay with a company that designs solar panels.

It takes just a few minutes to ask a potential employee about their own values, and to get a feel for their attitude. If they seem motivated and truly inspired by the values of your company, and if they feel your values are a perfect fit with their own, they are much more likely to stay.

Select proactive people.

Some people are naturally more accountable than others. They take responsibility for their actions, both good and bad. They are proactive, and have a deep understanding of the core values of the company. An employee like this is able to take the core values of a company and come up with an appropriate response in a novel situation.

This is a useful trait to have. If their values diverge from the companies, they can take a proactive position and shape their work to meet their values. You can screen for proactivity by asking them what their plans are for the future, and by paying attention to how they handle the interview. Plans for the future indicate that they are taking active steps to change the course of their life, a sign of proactivity. If they are asking questions and seem engaged with you during the interview process, this is also a sign of a proactive person.

Even in a recession, where supply is higher than demand, great talent is hard to come by. Workplace expansion has become the goal of as much as 56% of CEOs, and 79% of company leaders are trying to retain their talent in any way they can. It takes skill, dedication and imagination to get employees to stay, but these screening tips can ensure you attract not only good talent, but the right talent for your company specifically, which makes them more likely to stay longer in your company.

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