Bedroom for Better Wake-Ups

Bedroom for Better Wake-Ups

“5 more minutes…” we all say and press snooze on our phones. Why feel like you have to drag yourself out of bed, when you can wake up refreshed and be ready to seize the day?

The quality of the morning wake-up is decisive for our actions and psychology for the rest of the day. The way our day begins is crucial for our physical and mental wellness. Those first few minutes  make a difference that lasts for at least a few hours. There are a number of things we can do to improve the quality of our sleep and our energy when we wake up. Most of us are aware of a few tips like meditation, getting enough sleep, evening nutrition, bed time routines, …etc. However, most of us don’t realize that the interior design of our room affects us as much as any other factor.

As we mentioned in our piece “2023 Interior Design Trends”, wellness will be reflected more and more in interior design this year. Your bedroom’s interior design may be the key to better wake-ups and more energetic mornings!

Here is how to improve your morning wake-ups by improving your bedroom’s interior design.

Curtains: Let the Light In

Natural sunlight, a well-known trigger of positivism, refreshes and energizes us for the day ahead. To let the natural light in, lose the heavy curtains that, in any case, make your bedroom look smaller and stuffier. Try see-through, light fabrics that are stylish and bright at the same time. At the same time, when the sun rises too early and you wish for extra sleep, waking up at 6 in the morning is not always a great idea. A luxurious and high-tech solution is installing smart curtains that open and close remotely. This way you can control when the light gets in from the comfort of your bed. If you cannot go with this solution try having your bed close to your window so you can drug the curtain easily with a minimum movement. 

Lighting: Never the Big Light 

The more you sleep the better you wake-up. Before going to sleep, try to avoid bright artificial lights and electronic screens. That is why it is not suggested to have a T.V in your bedroom. Before going to sleep and especially once in the bedroom, try to avoid turning on the main light or any other bright light sources. It is best to have a lighting design that reflects serenity and that is best achieved with indirect lighting, small light sources in discreet spots and soft night lights. Choose target and ambiance lighting instead. If you are interested to learn how to do that, check out our related piece here.

In any case, keep in mind that if a big light is on while you are sleeping or trying to sleep, it stimulates the body and prevents it from relaxing. This is why you feel extra tired in the morning.  

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Calm via Colour

As mentioned in our piece on Mental Health, colour is a major factor on feelings and can determine one’s state of mind. When it comes to walls, it is advisible to avoid wallpapers and tapestries that usually come with too much of information for the naked eye to absorb – especially in the morning. Also, dark colours are not the best option, as they remove the light from the room. Pastel shades are an efficient choice. For example, beige guarantees calming and focusing vibes, while mints and lilacs create a joyful atmosphere. 


Style: Simplicity is the Key

Unlike the living room, the bedroom does not need to be a showpiece. It is a private space, a personal refuge for relaxation, nurturing and recharging. Waking up in a cluttered or over-decorated space with too much information is not helpful. The uniformity in colours, simplicity in patterns and clarity in lines are musts in bedroom design.

Accent: What keeps you Motivated

 Once you have a simple toned down interior design, you can always add that one special element. Everyone needs a little motivation to get out of bed and be the best version of themselves. It could be a framed photograph of your loved-ones, a beautiful piece of art that inspires you, or this one special momento from a memorable trip you took somwhere, or one that reminds you of a certain lifestyle to aspire to. Whatever is your special motivator, make sure it is the frist thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning.  

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To sum up, creating a peaceful and clean interior designyou’re your bedroom has a significant impact on your body and soul. Waking up in the ideal bedroom can help set you up for success, every morning, day in and day out.

More about bedrooms in our related piece “Optimizing Bedroom Space”.


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