Corners of the house | How to make the most of them

How to make the most of the corners of your hοuse.

Every house has corners and while corners have more potential than you think, they are often underutilized. Most residents tend to either fill them with decorative items, random objects that have nowhere else to go or leave them empty and disregarded. Every corner is an opportunity to refresh the aesthetic vibe of your house by creating useful and cozy spaces for your favorite habits.  

This article features corner ideas intended to optimize your space and give extra depth to your house while focussing on what is important to you, in your daily life.

Read on to discover 7 corner ideas intended to optimize your living space...

1. The Coffee Break
coffee break corner

Coffee is a ritual for many, consciously or unconsciously. A corner can easily be converted into an ideal place to savour your morning coffee before starting the day. Furthermore, you can also decide to dedicate a corner to preparing your perfect cup.

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2. The Bar

At the end of the day, you might enjoy having your own evening activity or routine to come home to. A corner can be easily converted into a perfect place for house parties as well as quiet nights in. This can also be a perfect spot for a catch up conversation with your friend, a heart to heart with your partner, or even an alone moment of reflection, at the end of the day. 

bar house corner idea

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3. The Reading Corner
reading house corner idea

Whether you are a devoted bookworm or you simply enjoy flicking through magazines on Sunday morning, some corners are perfect to house a little library and a cozy seat to dive into your favorite readings. This is not only great to have a little moment to enjoy your reading, it is also a great solution to display your favorite books effectively and with style. Remember to make sure that you have appropriate lighting for reading without overworking your eyes.

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4. The Home Office

Creating a home office doesn’t need much. Sometimes, a small desk and a comfortable chair are all you need to create your own personal working space. A private corner can be the perfect spot to focus on your work or academic commitments, uninterrupted and without being completely isolated from the rest of the house.

home office house corner idea

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5. The Green Corner

If you are in an apartment and have no garden, don’t despair! Creating a mini garden in a well-lit corner of your living space is an easy effective and beautiful solution. Having plants inside your living space can only bring positive energy and of course a refreshing atmosphere. In addition, placing a collection of plants in one corner, can encourage you to create a routine to take care of your beloved plants which works magic on your health and mental wellbeing.

green corner house idea

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6. The Playroom

Creating a defined area for children to play, will not only help them, but also help you keep shared spaces such as you living room under control and easy to use for adults and young children alike. A corner can easily be converted into a special place for children to spend quality playtime. The play corner does not need to be a literal construction or physically closed off, just a defined area would help children feel safe in a space of their own.

playroom house corner idea

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7. The Memory Lane

If you have even less space, and your corner is only wall surfaces, without much floor space, there is one more solution! A 2D corner can easily be converted into a heartwarming place where all of your great memories are displayed and cherished. Friends and family portraits, photos of significant events, vacation memories or even spontaneously captured moments, can all be displayed here to turn your house into a real home.

picture corner house idea

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To sum up, no matter how big or small your house is, all houses have corners. By look around at the corners you have, you can decide, based on the space available, natural lighting coming through or not, size of the corner, and of course your own lifestyle needs – among others – what is the best idea to convert each of your corners into. You can always make the best out of corners and create more spaces with style to spend your and your family’s quality time.

 If you are considering buying or renovating your home, and you are wondering how to make the most out of the corners of your house, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have and even recommend further unique ideas specially tailored to your own lifestyle.


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