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For many of us, last year’s holiday season was like nothing we have ever experienced before. Most of us hoped it was one we would not have to experience again. Yet as the situation with Covid-19 variants continues to fluctuate this winter, it seems as if a restricted festive season is something we may still have to take into consideration. Whether this means reduced gatherings of friends and family or more accommodating seating plans, it’s difficult to predict, but one thing you can make certain of, amongst all the uncertainty, is that your home feels just right for you.

The colours you select when decorating your space play a determinative role in establishing a desired atmosphere and mood. Studies have proven that exposure to certain colours invite correlating emotions and thus encourage the kinds of behaviours associated with those feelings. Wassily Kandinsky, known as the pioneer of abstract art, developed a renowned colour theory in the 1910’s which suggests that colour can generate emotion ‘to the extent of physical reactions’1. Although this theory might appear overly involved in the context of festive decorating, it emphasises how taking the time to plan your colour scheme can have a significant influence over how people feel when entering your home environment.

In this respect, it is worthwhile to understand exactly what kind of environment you want to create this holiday season. Perhaps you will be hosting a party or you’re simply wanting to create a cosy atmosphere in which you and your family can spend time together. Whatever the occasion, colour schemes are important for supporting the mood and kind of activities taking place.

To assist you in understanding which colour scheme best suits the atmosphere you’d like to create in your home this festive season, we have created a question path which will lead you to one of three styles we think may work nicely for you. Of course this is just for fun, but it may help you translate your festive preferences into some new and innovative ideas for personalised Christmas décor.

Following the question path will lead you to the one of three festive colour schemes for your home, this one being best suited to your personal holiday season preferences.

1. Traditional & Cozy
traditional christmas colour

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Traditional & Cozy: If having lots of intimate evenings working your way through the Christmas classics sounds like something you’ll be doing this holiday season, this might be the perfect style for you. The dark reds will ignite an intense warmth in the space, and including inflections of gold can add a richness to convey the unique specialness this time of year holds for you. Counteracting these intense hues with white is wise, this colour effectively introduces light into a space and tends to evoke feelings of calm and a sense of purity. The traditional style is perfect for those who see the season as a time to cozy up and completely relax with loved ones.

2. Modern & Elegant
modern christmas colour scheme

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Modern & Elegant: This colour scheme reflects the undeniable beauty of winter; minus temperatures, frozen lakes and icicle drippings. Such scenes almost reflect a sense of something bigger than ourselves, wonders to be admired and awed upon. Using a range of blues and whites will bring a tranquillity and sense of wisdom to the space, giving your home a regal-like atmosphere. You may wish to opt for this style if you are planning on having a more formal celebration and would like your guests to feel as if they are being immersed into a winter wonderland of some sort.

3. Rustic & Natural
natural christmas colour scheme

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Rustic & Natural: This may be your preferred style if you love spending as much time of the holiday season outdoors as you can. Long walks with family and friends, no matter the weather. The green and brown hues will bring an organic feel to your space, inviting the natural world indoors. This colour scheme conveys an airy freshness and creates the perfect atmosphere for gaining mental clarity and space. Decorating your home in this natural colour scheme could be perfect if you perceive the holidays as an opportunity to clear your mind and start fresh in the new year.   

There is no doubt that the past couple of years have been incredibly trying, a time in which many of us have come to rely on our connections with family and friends in ways perhaps we didn’t before. If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by these important people in your life this holiday season, going the extra mile to make your space as special as possible could be a great way of showing them your appreciation. Decorative colour schemes give you the freedom to create whichever atmosphere you desire for you and your guests, whether that be warm and welcoming or glamourous and over-the-top. Colour is a wonderful way to celebrate the things you personally value about the holiday season. 

However as the pandemic is not fully behind us just yet, safety should still be a priority at whatever festivities you might be planning, particularly if older or vulnerable guests will be in attendance. With this is mind, we encourage you to read our article from last year called How to have a COVID-friendly Christmas Dinner for tips on how to make your space as healthy as possible. In addition to the advice you’ll find here, asking guests to take a self-test before arriving might also be a beneficial idea to prevent any spread of infection.

If you need any advice on festive colour schemes or perhaps you are constructing or renovating your home or workplace and would like some help, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.


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