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Floor Renovation

When it comes to renovation, we do not only speak of furniture rearrangement and design options. If you are thinking of a change, while you are looking around  you may also look down. The floor is the most important surface of the whole house and apart from the practicality that it offers, it is also a decisive part of the decoration and the overall aesthetics of the space. 

When should you go through it? 

Depending on the use and care one gives to a floor, its lifespan is determined. However, in many cases, floor renovation seems inevitable. In that case, the reasons are various.

Unfixed Damage

Everyday life can certainly leave its mark over the years. Walking with shoes on a wooden floor or accidentally spilling water on it can cause damage. Marble and tiles can also break. On the other hand, even the most cautious residents can receive a visit from termites or a flood. In these cases, floor renovation is unavoidable.

Old Fashioned Design

Design trends come and go and while furniture and wall painting alterations are oftenly made, floors can’t always be left aside. For example, marble floors where a trend in the 90s but then wooden surfaces kicked in. It is a matter of style and a matter of blending in with the rest of the home’s aesthetic.

Another Renovation

Speaking of aesthetics, in many cases, even if the flooring is perfectly fine, you can’t avoid replacing it. This can be necessary due to some other change or renovation. For example, in case of wall painting or kitchen renovation, the flooring is also affected and it is difficult to ignore it and leave it untouched.

Tip to avoid!

Some people install a new floor over the existing one to save time. Well, this is not the best option. In fact, it’s the worst. By doing so, you won’t give the new flooring the optimal under-layer, and while this quick option may seem effective in the short term, it’s almost guaranteed to cause problems in the future – the near future.
Check out our “Invest in Quality” piece to learn more about how to aim for long-term efficiency.

Underfloor Heating? When and why.

The use of the floor as a radiator. Underfloor heating works with low-temperature water circulating in pipes embedded in the floor. The heat is distributed evenly in the room through radiation, warming it and providing a sense of thermal comfort, with lower operating costs. Some of the benefits are a pleasant atmosphere, heating autonomy, energy efficiency, and silent function.

Design & Cost


One cozy option is carpet floor. It provides insulation for heat and from sound while there is a wide range of colours and finishes. On the other hand it’s not ideal fore people with allergies because of the dust and also people with pets because of the hair. 

Cost Estimation: 20-80 €/m2


Laminate is easy to install and also easy to clean. It is in general a non expensive – non-noisy material And it has a wide range of colors and finishes. One negative about laminate is that is vulnerable to moisture damage and that is something you might consider depending on the location and the state of your residence. 

Cost Estimation: 35-85 €/m2


Hardwood is the most elegant option that shouts out “home”. It is an Easy to clean, non-noisy material, most valuable material. Fun fact, it is also CO2 neutral. Unfortunately, it is vulnerable to heat and sunlight while it is not as durable as other options.

Cost Estimation: 40-160 €/m2


Marmoleum is an easy-to-install and clean, CO2-neutral, material, the most environmentally sustainable one (natural materials, quickly recoverable, recycled content) and it comes to a good price for its value. Like hardwood, it is less durable and vulnerable to sunlight.

Cost Estimation: 35-105 €/m2


A popular solution is tiles. They are easy to install and maintain, they are very durale, they do not stain and they are perfect for people with pets. Of course, tiles are a relatively cold material and if you choose extremely large ones or small with a specific or complex design the costs are going to be higher than expected.

Cost Estimation: 40-100 €/m2

Poured Concrete Floor

A contemporary and aesthetically modern option is poured floor. It is sustainable, extremely durable – it can be redone if scratched and lasts a lifetime and it is seamless which means you will not face design issues in the finishes and corners. However, it can be costly and takes 3-4 days to install. 

Cost Estimation: 40-150 €/m2


Finally, there is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles). LVT is easy to install and maintain. Like tiles, it comes in a variety of designs and it is suitable for people with pets.  Because it is made out of plastic, it is not sustainable or recyclable and can also be a little bumpy, while it is also vulnerable to sunlight.

Cost Estimation: 40-100 €/m2

Ultimately, for whatever reason you decide to go ahead with a floor renovation, make sure you invest in the right and most suitable materials for your personal situation that will prove reliable in the long run. Always make sure you have the right professional by your side to help and guide you every step of the way, from technical to supplies. Remember that although there are many options, each situation is unique and there can be a customized solution for your needs and wishes.

If you are considering renovating your floor and would like some help, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you with any questions you have.



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