Guide to aligning and engaging your entire workforce around any transformation.

This FREE workbook is designed specifically for HR managers, to discover how to align and engage your entire workforce and get buy-in from all your employees around any change your organisation is facing.

Guide to aligning and engaging your entire workforce.

The vision

This workbook has been created to accompany the book The Power of Interactions, How to Align and Engage your Entire Workforce. The book was written to help Workplace Professionals to leverage your position - whether HR managers, Facility managers or Corporate Real Estate managers - to support your company’s business goals and achieve massive growth in your organisation.

The strategy

Interactions are a Strategic Tool. If you've been struggling to attract the best talent to your organisation, to retain your best people; and even when you have good teams you’ve been struggling to get the most out of them, use this book to learn how to use interactions to solve your #1 problem.

The process

This workbook guides you to master the cutting edge skills needed to take your company through the four steps, easy to follow collaborative process that will ensure long lasting and future proof success.

Follow the four steps process to Align and Engage your Entire Workforce.

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes’ vision on using the Power of Interactions to Align and Engage your Entire Workforce is for Workplace professionals – whether HR managers, Facility Managers or Corporate Real Estate managers – who are responsible to successfully implement change and help their organisations navigate transformations & transitions.

Lead your team through the four phases of alignment and engagement.

Whether you are introducing a new way of working, relocating your company’s offices, or constantly striving to attract, retain and develop the best employees, master the four phases of how to get buy in from anyone and align everyone in your organisation.

“It is impossible to ensure the success of any transition, in any organisation without buy-in from the entire workforce. It is impossible to achieve buy-in without engagement. Engagement is achieved through two steps: first alignment and then activation. At the core of it all, is a process of interactions".

— Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

A Practical step-by-step Workbook.

Download this free workbook to master the four steps of aligning and engaging your entire workforce.


Phase one: Listening

In this phase, you will learn to understand where you are exactly and what the situation really is. You will get to know what drives, affects and motivates you, your challenges, dislikes, fears as well as dreams and wishes. This module is designed to create space to express yourself, to purge, if you will, what has been bothering you but also, what your wishes may be. By actively listening – even to yourself-, you will have a better grasp of what is at play here.



Phase two: Aligning

In phase two, you will discover the essence of the transition you are going through, in your own words. You will also formulate the vision for the future you want. At the end of it, you aim to be aligned with the essence of the transition. This is essential to build momentum and compound our efforts.


Phase three: Activating

In this phase, you will uncover what you can personally contribute to the transition. You will study what is in your control and what is not. And you will explore how you can make the best of the transition, and turn any situation into an opportunity to create added value.


Phase four: Adapting

This phase is dedicated to help you adapt and keep adapting after the change is implemented, for the weeks and months to come. Here you will learn how, putting the right process in place will guarantee you make any transition succeed not only in the immediate time frame but in the long run as well. This will also guarantee that you create lasting change to make the transition future proof.

Unleash the power of Alignment

Master the four steps to Aligning and Engaging your Entire Workforce so you can implement any change and navigate any transition, easily and successfully, every single time. Follow the easy step-by-step process to align and engage everyone and achieve what matters most: Massive Growth in your Organisation!

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes Speaker

From the desk of Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes is a Workplace Interactions Expert. As an architect, a speaker, an author and a workplace transformation expert, she has mastered the art and science of using Interactions as a Strategic tool to achieve any business goal in any organisation.

Re: Everything you ever wanted to know about Solving the #1 Challenge every Workplace Professional is facing today.

Dear Workplace Professional,

You are here because you want to solve the number #1 challenge any HR professional is facing today: how to navigate any transition, whether it is about introducing a change, rolling out a new program, a new procedure or introducing a way of working. And that’s exactly what we are going to do.

I have created this workbook to accompany the book The Power of Interactions, How to Align and Engage your Entire Workforce. The Power of Interactions, How to Align and Engage your Entire Workforce is a book written to help you learn how to attract, retain and develop the best teams in your company. I wrote the book The Power of Interactions, How to Align and Engage your Entire Workforce in order to share with you, on the one hand the patterns, principles and practices and on the other hand, the step by step process of how you can indeed attract, retain and develop the best people in your industry.

In order to not only share my knowledge and expertise, but actually make it relevant and practical for you, I have created this Workbook. The Power of Interactions, How to Align and Engage your Entire Workforce, the Workbook is designed to help you translate the learning of the book into an easy to follow step by step plan that you can implement in your company right now and see results immediately so you can attract, retain and develop the best teams in your company quickly and easily.

The Power of Interactions, How to Align and Engage your Entire Workforce, the Workbook is structured according to the four chapters of the book: Fragmentation, Innovation, Interaction and Co-Creation. The fourth chapter, Co Creation contains an entire training in itself. In the book, in this fourth chapter, I shared with you the step-by step process of Architecting Interactions, what we call the AKKA process. In this Workbook, you will find an entire training aiming to help you apply the four steps of the AKKA process, easily and swiftly, in order for you to align and engage anyone – including yourself – towards any goal you want to achieve.

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to make sure what you are learning creates lasting effect and lasting results. How many times have you heard something and knew it was valuable for you but forgot it right away and never actually implemented it? This workbook will hold you accountable, guide you through the exercises and ensures you make real progress and see results instantly!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the workbook!

See you on the inside 

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