A Holiday Home | What to consider before you create your own.   

A Holiday Home | What to consider before you create your own.

Owning a holiday home or a summer house is the dream of many people. Having a fixed holiday destination can be ideal to avoid having to move from one place to another each time. However buying or designing your holiday home is a process that needs some thought, as this retreat is likely to be a considerable investment and must be perfectly suited to your needs and lifestyle now and in the future. 

Consider your Lifestyle

The location and style of the summer house should be based on your needs and lifestyle. If the only thing you are looking for is a quiet retreat for a few days, then a huge villa on a touristic island is definitely not the right choice. On the other hand, if you desire the house to become a destination for your friends and family, and the location of parties for your social circle, a cabin in a remote area may not satisfy your needs. The interior design and equipment (e.g. swimming pool, gym etc…) will also follow the same logic. 

Think like an Investor

A property is always an investment. Either as your own probate asset that may appreciate over time or as a property you choose to rent out to others, especially in appropriate locations. Consider the location of the house, which town, which area of town, the view, the proximity to facilities…etc when choosing the location. In addition, consider also the architectural design and layout of he house according to its possible future uses. For example, if you were to rent the house, many potential tourists or renters may prefer several separate rooms rather than a large master and may be more interested in a private garden than a large kitchen. For more information on future-proofing check our corresponding article.

Consider the natural environment of the location
The natural environment of the location (such as the land topography for example) is extremely important, specially if you are building the holiday home. Consider the characteristics of the natural environment early and build accordingly in order to save on costs and hassle. Building on a hill for example should accommodate the sloped terrain with a number of technical solutions. Similarly, the aesthetics of a house should be appropriate to its surrounding If it is aesthetically alienated from the environment, it will not sit well for the long term. Make the house as harmonious as possible, choose local practices, and use local materials as much as possible.
Only for the summer?
Finally, it is very important to remember that a holiday home is not synonymous with a summer house. If you plan to visit the accommodation also in the winter season, additional construction considerations will be needed, such as heating solutions, insulation solutions and maybe even a fireplace. In addition, you may want to include a place to work within the house too. 

For a real-life indicative example of how a holiday home can be the ideal combination of holidays and work, as well as harmony with the surrounding nature, check out our latest project in the British Virgin Islands. For this project AKKA Architects designed a luxury villa that welcomes working professionals from all over the world who need to be on the island for a perfect balance of work and leisure. It is the perfect case of facilitating visitors professional and personal needs while exposing the tropical beauty of the island.

Perched on a steep hill, this villa offers stunning views of the ocean on one side and private views of greenery on the other. Our concept centered around creating a milestone landmark in the center of the city. We created an aesthetic that combines the tropical beauty of the island with a modern tone to match the visitors’ professional life, during their stay.

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