Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

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Home improvement ideas on a Budget .

Many households cannot afford or simply do not need a complete renovation. However, there are always improvements that can be made easily and on a budget.

Here we’ve put together 7 cost-effective changes and improvements you can make to refresh your home.

1.Refresh your walls and ceilings with paint

Nothing says renewal and freshness more than a sparkling white ceiling and vibrant walls. Whether you feel like changing colors or not, painting your walls and freshly painted ceilings contribute to the quality maintenance of your home and brightens up its overall look.

2.Refurbish your old furniture.

Over time, furniture needs maintenance too, just like everything else in the house. Refurbishing furniture is the most common way to revitalize its color and texture. While reupholstering works well on fabrics. In the case of wooden furniture such as kitchen cabinets, coffee tables or armchairs, paint can work wonders. Especially if you’re interested in retro or rustic interior design, wooden furniture is essential and never goes out of style when highlighted with the right colours.  


3.Refresh the floors.

Two good techniques for wooden floors are polishing and buffing. Instead of going through the process of tearing up and restoring your flooring, you can simply refresh it with oiling/polishing and buffing. This way, the floor will look brand new and the whole house will feel fantastic.

Another tip to make your home look completely different without even making the slightest construction change is to add a beautiful carpet. A carpet, both defines and adds space and depth to the home. If a carpet is of too much cost, a simple rug can also work very well and it can also be changed super easily and at any time.

4.Transform your staircase without construction.

A very easy way to transform your stairs is to add a runner. A runner is a long roll of carpet placed in the center of the stairs. Not only do you add to the interior design, but you also protect the stairs from the wear and tear of time and daily use, especially if you or your guests wear shoes inside the house.

5.Add shelves and consoles in strategic places.

A smart way to tidy up your home is to install shelves and consoles, in the very places you feel like you need to place something like keys, photos, magazines etc. Not only are they of practical use, they also help to enhance the interior design of the home. The shelves can be simple surfaces, wooden or of any material, simply nailed to the walls, while a console can be placed at the entrance of the house, under the windows or even behind the sofa. You can add interesting decorations and souvenirs in addition to your existing items.

6.Upgrade your lighting.

Light is of major importance in the interior design of any home. The key is not to rely on a single source of lighting. Investing in different lighting angles and fixtures of different styles (table lamps/standing lamps, ceiling pendants, hidden lights, etc.) gives perspective to the interior and also upgrades the home’s aesthetics.

7.Buy durable plants

A final touch that creates renewal is greenery. Durable plants, which last long with proper care, create a calm yet vibrant environment of freshness. If you’re interested in greenery take a look at our piece on houseplants to find the right ones for your home.

In conclusion, when you are on a tight budget or a tight timeline but still want to refresh your home, consider implementing these smart changes. You can refresh your interior design and give the feel of a renovation without having to undergo it. For more ideas, you can always check out our piece on easy home updates.

If you are planning to improve, update or renovate your home and would like some help, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you with any questions you have.




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