Kitchen Renovation | PART I

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Kitchen Renovation

The Kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in the house. However, most people in their effort to maximize its utility end up neglecting its design. The risk of that is not only a sub-optimal design, it can also lead to an incorrect flow, making the use of the kitchen less pleasant and even detracting. Renovating your kitchen can definitely be a big project, especially when you think about the variety of trends, commercial models, suppliers, choice of equipment, utilities and technical requirements. On the other hand, renovating your kitchen can be one of the most satisfying improvements you can make. Needless to say, a new optimal kitchen can transform your daily life and enrich your family interactions!



Here are 5 smart tips on Renovating your Kitchen.

1.Think about how will you use your kitchen.

One of the most common questions people think about is the open vs. closed kitchen question. But it doesn’t stop there! Everything revolves around personal lifestyle. Do you cook or order in? What is your taste and how advanced are your cooking skills? Will you need a stove or just a microwave? And of course… Will you combine your kitchen with a dining area? If yes you will have to think about how to optimize your space efficiently to fit in a dining table and chairs for you and your guests! 

Creative Tip? Sketch up different scenarios: A day in the Life / Home Alone / Dinner Party / After Work Cooking / Quick family Breakfast /  Lazy Sunday Morning?

2. Think about Style, Colours, Textures

Rustic? Minimal? Modern? Remember to combine the kitchen’s design with the style of the rest of the interior design! This does not mean that everything has to be the same, just consider how the kitchen style and colours can work with the rest of the house. Do you want the kitchen to blend into the rest of the house? Stand out? Contrast? Be a totally different oasis?

3. Create a smart kitchen

A ‘more than meets the eye’ kitchen, is not only contemporary problem-solving, it creates a calm atmosphere with no disruptions. Choose elegance ad built-in &  smartly “hide” your equipment. For example, maybe you do not wish for your dishwasher to be visible or even your clothes washing machine if it’s located in the kitchen – which happens a lot.

Moreover, you can maximize every corner of the space and create room for all your dishes and cluttery and other domestic utensils, with smart cabinets.

Are you high-tech? What about a smart fridge? Smart fridges allow you to see what is in your refrigerator in real-time from anywhere and some also provide the feature to see expiration dates on all of your groceries

4. Use Nature’s Assistance

Get beautiful plants that you can also use in cooking. Herbs such as thyme, basil, rosemary, or even oregano add an essential aesthetic and smell to the space, while they can be used in almost every recipe. 

5. Make the kitchen more than a kitchen

Whether you are a social cook or an loner, design the kitchen that will suit you best.

If you want to invite people in while cooking, make sure the setting is welcoming for them and protective of your work space. Add stools for the guest but keep them out of your way and out of the splash zone.

If you are more of a loner cook, you may like to transform your kitchen into a ‘me-time’ space, where you can retreat while preparing the most delicious meals.


Get inspired from our latest projects.

To sum up, the kitchen is not just a practical room but also a space to personalize your lifestyle, be creative, and spend me-time or time connecting with your favorite people. This space can be optimized to be efficient and stylish / cozy in order to facilitate interactions.

In the next part of this article, we will analyze the costs of a kitchen renovation that will help future-proof your property. 

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