Laundry Room Ideas

Laundry Room Ideas

Love it or hate it, laundry is a chore that needs to be dealt with. The “laundry” as a space can be as small and simple as the washing machine itself, or it can be as large and elaborate as a dedicated laundry room, all of its own. And believe it or not, having a dedicated laundry room doesn’t have to be a luxury. With a little space optimization, you can create a laundry room even in small apartments! The key is to optimize and organize your space to facilitate this daily activity, make it easier and why not… in style?


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A small entrance can be the perfect opportunity to create a cozy and homey feeling that welcomes you and your guests, the minute you arrive home. Even if the space is limited there are always clever tricks you can implement to optimize the space, make it functional and make it feel welcoming.

Limited Space? Laundry in the Bathroom.

Behind the cupboards

Be practical and stylish by hiding your washing machine behind cupboards in the bathroom. That way you will have space to place other household or sanitary items around the washing machine.


Built in

Another efficient idea is to place the washing machine under the sink and save major space instead of having random empty cabinets there.


Be organized

You can create a small laundry-space in the bathroom by installing open drawers and shelves around your washing machine. That way you will have a place for anything laundry-associated.


Tip: Technology helps you save space and time. Choose a wash & dryer to save room when your bathroom is too small.

Where else?

Mirror on the Wall

Closet – Room 

We have talked about cloffice before. Now let’s see how to create a laundry space in a closet. If the bathroom does not work for you, you do not have space for an extra room but also do not wish the laundry space to be visible, built in a closet space just to facilitate laundry. Either a small closet, nor a room, a closet-laundry is is a specially constructed area, closed with doors, either closet-type or sliding, with a special space for shelves and drawers or hangers  for the storage of bed linen and other clothing. It can be in a bedroom or in common areas such as a hallway.

Basement / Attic

We discussed on our Renovation Series, ways to transform your basement. Some ideas where gym, sauna etc. Another smart hack is to dedicate some space in your basement or even the attic to create a laundry area.

Because your basement and attic probably facilitate other daily life necessities as well, you can always use space dividers, custom-made doors or even curtains to restrain your space. If the space allows it you can also go with two different machines, one for washing and one for drying.


Dedicated Laundry Room

Finally, the dream laundry room. If you have extra room in your house, or if you are renovating and changing the layout for that exact reason (check our related project), then this is how to make the perfect laundry-room.  

One of the most important factors is the successful ventilation, so try to have a window that can be opened and enough space to air dry your clothes.

At the same time you can create an ironing corner – you don’t have to bother moving into another room if there is space, install some baskets and hangers and finally decorate a bit in case your chores take to long and you need some pleasant aesthetics.

Finally, along with the ironing space you can install an extra sink to wash delicate fabrics and clothes you do not wish to be ruined.


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