Listen to: A new era for the workplace

This week join our CEO Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, as she explores a new concept she calls the WORKNET, in her conversation with Mark Catchlove, director Insight Group of Herman Miller, regarding the new era we are entering for the workplace.

How we can use this pandemic as an opportunity to transform our workplaces in order to create a future of work that is healthy, compelling and successful? The workplace is never an end in itself, but rather a tool to contribute to more prosperous people, a more impactful business and a happier society.

Most businesses today face challenges they have no answers to. We have all heard it, we are in a crisis. What is notable is that the root of the word ‘crisis’ actually means a decision point. Isn’t that a much more empowering way to look at the situation we are in?

When it comes to our workplaces, what decisions do we need to take now in order to create a future of work that is healthy, compelling and successful?

Many thanks to Mark Catchlove, and Herman Miller for the opportunity to have this conversation.


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