Listen to: The new workplace and the future of work

This week listen to our CEO Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes answer your questions during the Q&A session at the Recovery Summit event.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we have deserted our offices. Our offices have suddenly become empty shells. We have gone from a contained office, to a network of people, facilities, documents and ideas. We have gone from a contained structure to a network, where people operate from a multitude of contexts. We now have to operate in a network on contexts. The new workplace is a network of contexts, that we call the WorkNet. In the new WorkNet, interactions become more important that ever. The key question therefore becomes: how do you foster the interactions of your employees in a network of contexts? Over decades, we have seen the workplace evolve through the four questions of utility, productivity, engagement and experience. The shock of this crisis has thrown us back into the basic question of utility, with an extra emphasis on safety. From this point onwards, my personal hope is that we don’t go back to the old normal. I do not think that we should go through the evolution of the four questions again either. My personal hope is that instead, we leapfrog into a higher question of meaning: “How do we reshape our world of work to serve a higher purpose?”.

This Q&A session took place after Stephanie’s Akkaoui Hughes speech at The Recovery Summit.

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