Living Solo: 4 Tips to Furnish Your Home for Simple Comfort

Living Solo: 4 Tips to Furnish Your Home for Simple Comfort

Moving out of the family home is considered to be one of the first steps into real adulthood. While this setup can be challenging, young adults become more independent and in control of their lives, not to mention enjoy the numerous advantages of solo living. Aside from the freedom and flexibility, living solo affords great opportunities to discover themselves and to learn essential life lessons like responsibility and financial management.

Living solo, however, also comes with its own challenges, and one of the is very first ones is furnishing your space to accomodate your needs and personal lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve recently moved into your own place, and while you’re excited to begin your solo living journey, you’ve found the task of furnishing your new home a bit tricky.

Below are 4 helpful tips to arrange your space in order to be functional for solo living comfort. 

1. Opt for Multipurpose Pieces

Whether you’re living in a condominium unit or a studio-type apartment, you may want to plan your furniture purchases well since you probably have limited space. Otherwise, your home might become so cramped that you can hardly move and function with flexibility and comfort. To save precious space and maintain enough room to keep you relaxed and comfy, keep furniture to a minimum by opting for multipurpose pieces.

For instance, instead of buying a separate bed and sofa set, you can maximize the space by investing in a high-quality sofa bed. If you have a high ceiling, consider a loft bed so you can use the area under the bed as your workspace and free up more room for other essentials, as well as make the room more aesthetically pleasing. Other great space-saving options include a dining table that hangs flat on the wall as a mirror when not in use and a storage stool that you can use for seating, storage, and as a side table.

When searching for multifunctional pieces, you may consider browsing through local online marketplaces where you can find high-quality secondhand furniture at affordable prices. Aside from allowing you to save money, buying secondhand is a great opportunity for you to find unique pieces that can bring life into your home and protect the environment at the same time. Just make sure to inspect each item before purchasing it and to clean and disinfect everything properly before using them.

2. Invest in Organization Items

Unless you’re a pro on keeping your space tidy and clutter-free, you may find it extra challenging to stay relaxed and comfortable in a brand new home. Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. It can also make your home look even smaller. As such, you may want to invest in organization items that can help you maintain order in your home without much effort.

Let’s say you don’t have built-in shelves in your bathroom. You can use a hanging organizer with tiered shelves for your bath essentials that you can hang on the shower rod instead of placing your shampoo and other products on the bathroom floor. To keep your shoes organized and easy to find, you can stack several floating shelves in a corner near the door. You can also use storage boxes, under-bed drawers, stainless steel magnetic stripes, peg boards, and similar items in different areas of your home to keep your items in place.

3. Introduce Natural Elements into Your Home

Exposure to natural elements has calming and stress-relieving effects, and nature promotes one’s general well-being and happiness. Because of all these remarkable benefits, it’s prudent to incorporate natural components when decorating your new home. There are several ways you can do so. For one, you can opt for more wooden furniture than other materials. According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, touching wood can calm the mind and induce relaxation.

You can also invest in plants and flowers, as they can add a splash of color and visual interest, improve your state of mind, and make you feel more vibrant. Don’t hesitate to add greeneries into your abode to transform it into a relaxing, comfortable, and invigorating environment. If you haven’t tried caring for plants before, you can start with succulents, snake plants, air plants, ZZ plants, and similar low-maintenance varieties. Aside from allowing you the chance to make your home more inviting, taking care of indoor plants can be a great way to ease the boredom and loneliness that often trouble those who live alone.

4. Tie Everything Together with Colour

Another essential detail that you may need to focus on when designing your new place is colour. Because colours can affect the overall look of your home as well as your daily mood, you may want to tie everything together and create a cohesive look using hues that evoke happiness and relaxation.

Add curtains, throw pillows, area rugs, and wall art in colours that complement each other. You can also paint your walls or use wallpapers in colours that bring positive emotions. Consider using shades of blue, green, and muted tones to create a serene and calm environment in your sleeping and living area and shades of yellow to bring energy and cheerfulness to your working space.

Living alone can be challenging, especially if this is your first time being away from family. But it can also be an exciting and life-changing experience if you plan smart and take the time to transform your new place into a home that offers comfort, relaxation, and healing.

Knowing that, be intentional when arranging the interior design of your abode. Assess every detail to ensure that everything you incorporate will make your solo living space your happy place.

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