Optimizing a Small Apartment into a Luxury Residence

Optimizing a Small Apartment into a Luxury Residence

Here in AKKA we strongly believe that beauty and functionality are not luxuries, they are necessities. In fact, we believe that luxury is a necessity.

The ideal home for you does not have to be a pipeline dream, far in the future.   As long as you have the right mindset, the right professionals by your side and of course, the will for change, your ideal home can be your next project, achievable in the near future! With the right finishes, furnishings and accessories, even the smallest apartment and most basic can be transformed into a luxury residence: not far from the ones you see published!

Invest in a single piece of Statement Furniture

You do not have to spend a fortune on every little thing to create a luxurious atmosphere. Just pick one. By choosing one central statement furniture – say a large coffee table – you can build your interior around it, selecting other more cost-efficient objects and accessories to match the main one. That way you will also have a “guide”, a baseline to help you create a harmonious and matching aesthetic.

Say Yes to Metals

Luxurious interiors do not have to be tacky and you do not have to over-do it. Metal is always a classychoice especially when combined with other elements and kept minimal. Silver, gold and rose-gold details in furniture always bring up elegance and evoke luxury. At the same time, they can easily be combined with almost every interior design style and aesthetic. And never forget, metal is a timeless statement, especially classic metal bed frames, which totally upgrade the entire bedroom.

Say No to Primary and Rainbow Interiors

Vivid and intense colours are not the best choice when you go for luxury. Not only they leave you with very limited interior design choices, they are tiring on the eye and can cause lack of focus and serenity. Choose elegance with nude tones, earthy tone & touches of black and whites, with some metal details potentially, as mentioned above. Check out our piece on “mental health” to learn more about how colours affect our everyday lives. 

And since we are welcoming 2023, get to know how to evoke luxury, with the colour of the year, “Willd Wonder”

Mirror on the Wall

Optimize your space with mirrors. As we mention in our piece “Small Place Mistakes” , mirrors grant depth and perspective even to the smallest places. The illusion of extra space can be achieved only when a mirror is installed in a smart and elegant way. Avoid narrow sticker mirrors and try large ones which also brighten up the whole house. Large mirrors are a great fit in entrance halls, bathrooms and living rooms. If you prefer a non-traditional style, you can also “play” with a composition of smaller pieces to create a large one. Just get creative!

Invest in hidden Smart Storage

Whether your home is a small or a spacious one, having things out of sight is real luxury. House, kitchen and lots of other items are necessary items which sadly “ruin” a tidy home’s aesthetic. The secret to empty clean luxurious surfaces that have one single plant on it, is having enough storage (hidden out of sight) to put away all the items and clutter of daily life. If your apartment is small, find smart solutions  that use the most unlikely places to maximize storage. Go for beds and couches with inside storage, cabinets with hidden storage drawers, doubled up walls and never forget:  the space of a house is not only the width and the ground. Make the most out of the height and the walls with shelves and cupboards that act as storage spaces and as decorative elements as well.



Books and Decorative Items

Last but not Least. Let your interests and personality be reflected in your interior by showing your displaying books and art pieces. The better way to highlight these items, is by using accent lighting. Accent lighting is a form of decorative lighting and it focuses on a particular area or object, in order to highlight its aesthetic, give the feeling of depth and create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior design. Learn more about the types of lighting here. At the same time, a well-curated library always reflects the various interests of a home’s inhabitants. Learn how to create your stunning library here.

Regardless of the size of your house, you can turn it into your own personal luxury interior. A luxurious transformation will improve your lifestyle and help you be in your best mindset. Never forget: Your home reflects and more importantly can support, your personality!


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