Luxury with Wild Wonder | How to make Colour of the Year 2023 yours

Luxury with Wild Wonder | How to make Colour of the Year 2023 yours.

A soft gold with hints of green, Wild Wonder has been named the Colour of the Year 2023 by Dulux. This bright yet warm tone is the ideal option for a luxurious yet peaceful interior design. Wild Wonder complements a sophisticated lifestyle and upgrades the aesthetics of the whole house. 

Natural Elegance

Reminiscent of golden grass wheat, Wild Wonder lives up to its name and brings the pure and wild side of the natural environment into our homes. Bright yet quiet to the eye, it is ideal for helping with well-being and mental health. After all, our homes, as a place of relaxation, work, leisure, connection and daily activities, should be treated as a personal refuge. It is safe to say that Wild Wonder can bring (visual) balance to a busy life.   

Positive & Glowing Feel

Luxury does not mean excess. Luxury, just like beauty, is a necessity that transforms lives. It is all about well-being. Natural colors can make us feel uplifted, energetic and help us heal. Wild Wonder provides luxurious calm and comfort.

Powerful Combinations

The best aspect about Wild Wonder is how versatile it is. You can play with a large palette of colours to create harmonious combinations or even innovative contrasts.  Green and olive match the “homey” peaceful aesthetic, darker earthy tones create a warm atmosphere, while some shades of light blue, work as complementary colours to Wild Wonder.    

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While it evokes natural simplicity, Wild Wonder brings a feel of elegance and luxury. It  can be combined with a variety of other colours and shades, making it an ideal starting point for any style. This soft gold with hints of green creates the perfect calm yet bright environment bringing balance to the whole house and to everyone in it.

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