finding your dream home

Finding your dream home

While it is a promising situation to find yourself in, finding the house of your dreams can be quite a nerve-wracking experience. This is especially true when the ideal home you have in mind does not exactly line up with the reality of the offers available on the market.

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overcome a creative block

How to overcome a creative block

Creativity is never static, and it is experienced differently by different people. For the ones among us who have finally cracked the secret of how to be creative at work, this may not always be as easily translated.

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COVID-proofing your home

It has been six months since Covid-19 hit central Europe and things got shut down. Now lockdowns are easing up, things are re-opening again and our lives seem to slowly be regaining various degrees of normality.

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Well-being in times of Covid-19

Are you asking yourself ‘How do we go back to normal?” or are you wondering ‘What new ‘normal’, better ‘normal’ can we create from here on?” There is a major difference between those two questions.

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Leadership in times of crisis

It is important to define what interactions mean to a certain community within an organization. We need to start by actually defining what interactions mean to that community and moreover what good, positive and fruitful interactions would mean.

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