Tips for a Stunning Home Library.

A home library does not necessarily need to take up a whole room, nor is it enough to simply add a piece of furniture with books on it in your living room. To create the perfect home library, here are 4 tips we would love to share!

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The Importance of Samples

The Importance of Samples. Many people tend to get excited when decorating their home and may often rush to select and then purchase paint colours and materials without having them

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curving high energy costs

Curving High Energy Costs

Over the past year energy costs have soared and, unfortunately, are predicted to continue to do so. We have reached a tipping point with regard to peak global energy prices and pressure on our environment, meaning the moment to collectively slash energy consumption is now. Reducing our energy consumption is something we can all do, and now is absolutely the time to do it. Read on to discover 8 energy saving solutions you could introduce in your home to slash your consumption.

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easy home updates

3 Easy Home Updates

There are many benefits that have been proven to come as a result of switching up your home environment. If the interior of your home has remained the same for a long period, the atmosphere can begin to feel slightly stagnant and uninteresting. Taking the time to make even the smallest and inexpensive changes to your interior can make a big difference to how you experience your environment. Switching it up can give your space a new sense of life and the spring season is the perfect time to welcome this sort of change.

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corners of the house

Corners of the house | How to make the most of them

Every house has corners and while corners have more potential than you think, they are often underutilized. Most residents tend to either fill them with decorative items, random objects that have nowhere else to go or leave them empty and disregarded. Every corner is an opportunity to refresh the aesthetic vibe of your house by creating useful and cozy spaces for your favorite habits. Here are seven corner ideas, intented to optimize your space!

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windows and space

The role of windows in our homes

Large windows are not only an aesthetic solution but also a practical solution to numerous problems that affect not only the real estate value of space itself but the inhabitants’ physical and mental well-being as well as their economy and our ecology. In this article, after exploring the benefits of windows and the natural light and fresh air they provide, we will share a few tips to optimize the use of our spaces in relation to windows.

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working with contractors

Working with contractors only

When exploring solutions to make your renovation project as cost-efficient as possible, you may find yourself inclined towards hiring a general contractor directly, and doing without an architect. Surely cutting the expense of an architect would significantly reduce the overall cost of the project, right? This article explores the potential risks of pursing a renovation project without the support of the complementary relationship between architects and contractors.

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trendy interior design styles

5 Trendy Interior Design Styles

An impactful way to simulate a sense of new beginning in your own life with the arrival of spring is by simply switching up the interior design style of your home environment. Interior design features such as lighting and colour have been proven to directly influence our mood and demeanour. The following 5 interior design styles are of course not an exhaustive list, but they do undoubtably make up some the trendiest design styles of the moment.

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renovation permits

Renovation permit application

There are two different approaches to gaining permit approval: a final application or a draft application, which is then followed by a final one. Which you opt for should take into account your unique circumstances as well as personal preferences and priorities. In this article we outline the process of both and highlight the main pros and cons of each. By the end of this read, you should have a better idea about which permit application is best to pursue for your project.

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high construction costs

Navigating High Construction Costs

Unfortunately, there is no avoiding the reality that construction costs are higher right now. In this article we provide a brief overview explaining why quotes being issued by construction companies in Europe are exceeding expectations. And more importantly, we will be sharing tips on how to effectively navigate your way around these issues in a way that helps to ensure your renovation stays within budget.

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