An Oasis in the City | Redesigning your Garden or Terrace.

An Oasis in the City: Redesigning your Garden or Terrace.

Interior Design often contains greenery, as it provides clarity and refreshment.  A garden, a terrace or a balcony, are not the only places you can transform. You can always optimize your space and create green corners that could be used as a private sanctuary or even a place for  gatherings with loved ones. Here is how to optimize your green space in order for it to be a magical expansion of your home, close to nature, a hidden oasis. 


The Water Element

Water is a vital and therapeutic element that grants life to its surrounding environment. A sink bath, a small fountain, a barrel with hydrophilic plants or your own personal small spa made of natural stone, smothered in aromatic plants, are some of the ideas that offer the constant presence of water.


water element

The Resting Space

While the interior of a house usually has plenty of chairs and sofas, a green area could provide more unconventional methods of relaxation, following a natural and carefree philosophy. A fabric tent is perfect for warm sunny days and it also can be used as a movable gazebo. However, if your space is not large enough for a tent, consider swings and pillows as a beautiful solution that can be adjusted to any kind of outdoor space.

The Lighting

Strong lighting could easily deter from the oasis aesthetic and it usually reminds people of upbeat city rhythms, which people usually like to leave behind when returning home. In the evenings, except for the light of the moon and stars, one can turn to candles, lanterns and curtain lights on trees. Those do not only provide soft lighting but they also serve as perfect decorative items that mix perfectly with plants and flowers.

Hanging Greenery

One of the alleged seven world wonders are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Though a house garden cannot be exactly compared to them, flower baskets and plants that are hanging from the ceiling or the walls can provide an exotic aesthetic.

Edible Gardening

Many people find peace gardening,  specially when growing their own fruits and vegetables in their backyard, or even their balcony. Wooden boxes that can be used as small kitchen gardens give a homey and rustic feeling and can also provide the opportunity of a new, healthier lifestyle.

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