Optimise your home to perfectly support your lifestyle.

Whether you are buying a new house or renovating your own, transforming a house into your ideal home is a very personal process. When design is based on your needs, wishes, and lifestyle, your home can improve your daily interactions and help you create the future you want for your life.

Create a vibrant living space, where you can work, play and relax

A new vision for your home

With Covid-19 forcing a new reality, most of us have to adapt to a different life. While the new normal is different for different people, most of us spend more time at home now than we did before Covid-19. As a result, our homes need to be redefined. Now that we have to work, live, sleep, eat, relax and maybe even educate our children all in the same place, our homes have acquired a new meaning and our relationship to our homes is being redefined. This is happening whether we like it or not. It would be much better if we redefined our homes intentionally.

A flexible process

Now that we are doing more things at home and more often than we used to, we are all looking at our homes with fresh eyes. Whether your house is large or small and whether you are facing big problems or small frictions, it is important to adapt your house to your latest situation. Because every household is different, we work with a very flexible and agile process. Whether you choose our all included end-to-end service or whether you decide to use our help with one small item, you are always free to change your mind, anytime during the project.

A Unique Result for You

Unlike other architects who may focus solely on form and function, at AKKA, we focus on form, function, and flow. Flow is what we call the actual use of space and the dynamics of its inhabitants. When we study flow, we study the habits of the people in a space and we design the space that can best support the habits, dynamics, and interactions of people in a space. We want to create a home that can support your daily interactions, and literally make your life easier.

“AKKA helped us create our dream home. Me and my wife were looking for an architect to support the renovation of our newly built apartment, and AKKA was a perfect choice. Stephanie and her team worked with us to shape the vision of our future home and understood what we wanted down to every single detail. They also guided us through the process and made sure we were comfortable with all the choices we made. From the first day we moved in, the new home gives us an incredible feeling: it fits our lifestyle and reflects our personalities. This result would not have been possible without AKKA.

Vladimir Golubyatnikov, Private Client of AKKA

“I loved working with AKKA Architects. I advise anyone who feels like architects are confusing, expensive, or not for them to give AKKA a try. As a first-time homeowner looking at an old building, I was confused about how to approach the renovation. The team at AKKA was able to offer a tailor-fit solution that helped me understand and plan my renovation in phases. They helped me feel comfortable and broke down all the necessary steps in a transparent and approachable manner. AKKA also made sure I was aware of all the choices available and I truly felt like they were encouraging me to make the best choice possible.”

Jonathan Tsay, Private Client of AKKA

“I approached AKKA Architects to make a complete makeover for my home in the centre of Amsterdam. I not only got my house fully renovated, all the spaces in my new home are thought and made for me. AKKA Architects captured my essence so easily and portrayed it in my home. They understood me. Their professionalism, expertise and eye for detail ensured this renovation project ran smoothly. They were very involved in all of the aspects of the renovation, they provided clear material (plans, sketches, drawings) for a better understanding, especially for the people that are not involved in the industry. Their advice in budgeting, timing, suppliers, decoration, colour palettes, etc was more than ideal. I can highly recommend AKKA Architects.”

Roel Spits, Private Client of AKKA

“After a few exchange of emails to understand our needs and wishes, how they work and what they could offer us, Stephanie and Fabia came to our house to analyse and better understand what we meant, and just a few days after they came back with alternatives to solve our problems, with a suggestive list of things we would need, how much it would cost and how to break it down to fit our budget. Their proposals were well-thought and achievable, keeping my family’s needs, behaviours and lifestyle at the centre of it.”

Natalia Arsand, Private Client of AKKA

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Constantly adapting your space to new circumstances is not easy.

The past months have shown that the challenge of adapting our working dynamics to our home environment is not a one-off event, but rather a process that is constantly being redefined by changing conditions. It subsequently requires our constant adjustment and readjustment, according to the stage that we find ourselves in during the pandemic. This process is, however, essential, as its impact could be reflected in our routines, work performance, health, mental wellbeing, and daily social interactions.

Aesthetics and functionality are not enough.

The current situation has challenged us in many ways, and working from home is one of the central ones that many of us face. The layout and design of our homes is an aspect we start to take for granted a while after having moved in one place, but reconsidering it may give us a new, improved perspective on our lives. The space we live in has now become the main environment responsible for fostering our daily interactions, and choosing to reorganise it mindfully could be useful for our wellbeing during these times. To make this ongoing readjustment easier, consider creating boundaries based on time and space, according to the principles outlined in this article. In this way, we can maintain a distinction between our private and public selves, while facilitating better interactions with others.

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We design your home not only to house your activities but indeed to support them, enrich them, trigger better interactions between your family members, with your friends and visitors, now and as your lifestyle evolves into the future.

— Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Create a home that serves your needs.

We believe an ideal apartment needs a variety of scope ranging from technical to interior architecture as well as interior design and furniture design. To help you in the best way possible, we can do one, a combination or all of the scopes below, depending on your needs and the requirements of the project. We define those four scopes as follows:


Renovations and technical upgrades

This scope concerns all heavy and / or technical renovations matters. This includes all inspections, engineering and architectural work needed. Some items that this scope includes are foundations, windows replacement & double-glazing upgrades, insulation matters, ventilation, any cracks in the walls, roof repairs or replacement…etc. Some of this scope is needed if you are considering adding a floor or extending your house into the garden. A permit is likely to be needed for many of these changes.


Interior architecture

This scope is focused on layout flows and dynamics. The goal of this scope is to create the perfect layout and set up of your house. Here, we study the layout and explore what walls can be demolished, moved, or opened up, or the possibility for a skylight for example. This sometimes also requires upgrading electrical, plumbing, and HVAC plans. A permit may be needed for some changes. Here we produce plans, elevations and sections, 2D sketches, and 3D visualisations, as needed to explain the design and space to be expected. Lighting design is one of the many items also included.


Interior design

This scope is dedicated to the look and feel of your house. Here we explore materials and finishes, colours, lighting fixtures, kitchen finishes, bathroom fixtures and all that is fixed in the house. We also explore built-in storage solutions here, if they are to be custom made to fit your house. Here’s where the layout comes to life. The look and feel of your house affect your state, mood and wellbeing, so it is extremely important to carefully design the colour palette for each of the spaces in your house, while also creating a coherent home of course.


Furniture design

This scope deals with all furniture items, movable equipment, and accessories in the house. Think of the couch, the bed, the dining table and dining chairs, the bookshelf, your home desk…etc. Some pieces are so dominant in the house that it is crucial to get them right and ensure the fit and complement the entire design. The wrong piece of furniture can bring the entire architecture down and the right piece of furniture in the right place can elevate your entire home and bring your daily dynamics together. 

“It was great to meet Stephanie over zoom to talk about our proposed renovation and surprisingly easy to exchange our ideas in a digital format. Stephanie was knowledgable and practical and it was a really positive experience.”

Philippa Moore, Private Client of AKKA

“AKKA Architects provided a very prompt response to my request. The entire process felt very natural and tailored to my needs for the project.”

Simon Colton, Private Client of AKKA

“It was great to work with AKKA. The team fully understood what we needed already in the first intake and they were proactive in suggesting potential solutions right from the start. They are very professional and their communication style is open, transparent, and friendly.”

Private Client of AKKA

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes Speaker

From the desk of Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes is an Architecture Interactions Expert. As an architect, a speaker, an author and a space transformation expert, she has mastered the art and science of using Interactions as a strategic tool to achieve any goal in any space. This is how she can ensure that your home supports your lifestyle goals.

Re: How to transform your house into your dream home?

Hi there,

Are you looking at buying a new house and want to make some changes? Or are you considering upgrading your current home design? At AKKA, we believe it is our responsibility to help you create, enrich, and sharpen your vision before we rush into creating the design that will embody it.

Creating a home is a very personal project and we aim to help you not only enrich your ideas but indeed, we want to offer you new ideas and present you with a range. This way, when you select the final vision, it is not because it is the only thing you may have had in mind, but it is because you have explored enough directions to know this is your desired one.

Your space – especially your home – can, and should help you have better interactions, better moments, and live a better life. In addition to creating the most beautiful and functional space in terms of physical attributes, we aim to create a space that first, embodies your vision, values, and lifestyle as a person, a couple, or a family. Second, we aim to create a space that proactively helps you live those values, live the lifestyle you desire, and reach your vision of your life. We aim for a space that not only houses your activities but indeed supports them, enriches them, and triggers better interactions between your family members, with your friends and visitors, now and as your lifestyle evolves into the future.

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Sometimes you do not need a full architectural service but just help with one question. Or maybe you’re wondering if the house you’re about the visit is a good one to buy? Even when you don’t need full architectural services, you can still get professional advice in an easy and straightforward way. This is why we are now offering this non-committal focused service, where we can answer any question you have specifically and quickly.

Let’s explore possibilities

Do you have some ideas about your house design but are not sure where to start or which direction to go? and how much would things cost?

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Do you have a limited budget and would like to know what things might cost before starting the project?

Are you looking to do more with less and create the home of your dreams? Would you like to first explore ideas before you decide if you even want to renovate?

Before you can even decide if you want to embark on a full project, you need to know what is possible and what things will cost. We understand that you may have some questions before committing to a full design project. This is why we are now offering this 4 steps service, where we can explore with you what the possibilities are and what they might cost. This way, you can be aware of all the choices available and you can make informed decisions!

Let’s start the project

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Are you looking for someone to supervise contraction and handle contractors for you?

Would you like to keep the flexibility of changing your mind and adapting to your budget as the project evolves?

No two projects are alike. Even in a full renovation project, flexibility is still important, and we understand that you only want what you need. For every project, we tailor our scope of services to the specific scope you need, so you only pay for what you need. Moreover, design is not only about beauty and functionality. Although beauty and function are important, we focus on understanding your specific lifestyle, this way we ensure that we can create your ideal dream home for you! Thinking you might want to sell or rent out your house in the future? No worries, we will advise you how to increase the value of the house, so your investment today, pays off in the future!

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Jonathan Tsay
Private Client of AKKA

“I loved working with AKKA Architects. I advise anyone who feels like architects are confusing, expensive, or not for them to give AKKA a try. As a first-time homeowner looking at an old building, I was confused about how to approach the renovation. The team at AKKA was able to offer a tailor-fit solution that helped me understand and plan my renovation in phases. They helped me feel comfortable and broke down all the necessary steps in a transparent and approachable manner. AKKA also made sure I was aware of all the choices available and I truly felt like they were encouraging me to make the best choice possible.”

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“We would like to express our gratitude for the time you invested in helping us get to a clear picture.  Anna and I really appreciated the call we had with you, your responsiveness, and the great empathy that you exhibited throughout – we certainly felt very “well taken care of” when engaging with you.  On the practical side, we especially appreciated that there was the option to obtain robust bottom-up cost estimates for the construction itself (not every design architect offers this).”

-Private Client of AKKA



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