Presents for Architecture Nerds

Presents for Architecture Nerds

Christmas holidays are for family, friends and of course present giving! Before you end up exchanging impersonal gift cards, get some inspiration from architecture and treat your architect or even architecture-nerd friends, in the most fun way! Are they not into architecture? Well after these presents they will be!


Presents to Play with:

LEGO Architecture

Lego Architecture is the best gift for architects and architecture & landmark lovers. From Paris to New York City, Tokyo and Singapore, you can create from scratch your own models of your favourite places in the world! All you have to do is connect the pieces. Check for Lego deals first!

Origami Building Blocks

Folding, connecting, and creating. Origami Building Blocks is a gift for those who love architecture and also the art of origami. You can make anything you wish, from typical abstract geometric solids to realistic models of real-world buildings.

Skyline Chess

If your loved ones are both architecture and chess nerds, well this is the perfect gift! This Skyline Chess brings the iconic architecture of New York City to your chess board. Chess will never be the same!

Shapes of Mondrian Toy Diorama

Easily create famous art at home! Mondrian is best known for his abstract paintings made from abstract shapes and primary colours. This specific pattern – Shapes of Mondrian – is synonymous with the neoplasticism movement. Why not help your friends set it up in a 3D version and place it in their own homes?

Presents to Decorate your Home with:

Art Deco Print

Art deco marked the “roaring 20s” and had a huge impact in architecture, interior design, product design and of course fashion. Having an art deco print may suggest a great sense of design as well as art history knowledge! And if not, then just the colours and shapes shout out “elegance”!

CityFrame of a favourite city

You and your friends definitely have a favourite place in this world. Maybe it’s a place you dream to visit together, or you maybe have already visited and had the time of your lives! Get a CityFrame to be reminded of this favourite destination constantly! 

Scented Architectural Vessel Candle

Scented candles bring peace and harmony. These pieces of art resemble famous landmarks and re-fresh your whole space at the same time!

Presents to Wear:

Blueprint Scarf / Tie / Handbag

Alternative, kind of hipster but always stylish – this is the ultimate gift for architecture nerds because it makes a complete statement on its own. A blueprint pattern on a tie, scarf or handbag will certainly be remembered!

City Plan Jewellery

Finally, this one doesn’t need much explanation. Give your loved ones the opportunity to carry their favourite places, with them, no matter how far they actually are.

Have a holly jolly Christmas with the most architectural presents!

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