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Creating your home is a very personal project, and for you it goes beyond bricks and mortar. We understand that for you, your new home holds your dreams, wishes and vision for the lifestyle you want to have and the future you want to live.

As your architect, we believe it is our responsibility to immerse ourselves into your specific needs and wishes, to understand your current and future lifestyles, and furthermore, help you imagine and define what your vision for your future is. We do not limit our scope at simply translating your ideas into space. We aim to enrich your ideas, add to them, help you explore them further. At AKKA, we believe it is our responsibility to help you create, enrich and sharpen your vision before we start creating the space that will embody it.

Creating a home is a very personal project and we aim to help you not only enrich your ideas but indeed, we will offer you new ideas to present you with a range so that when you select the final vision, it is not because it is the only thing you may have had in mind, but it is because you have explored enough directions and you are certain this is your desired one. At AKKA, we believe that our responsibility goes beyond design.

Furthermore, we do not focus only on what the space is. Rather, we concern ourselves with what the space can do for you as the inhabitant. At AKKA, we believe it is a fatal mistake to only consider space in its physical aspects. We believe that your home can, and should help you have better interactions, better moments and live a better life. In addition to creating the most beautiful and functional space in terms of physical attributes, we aim to create a space that first, embodies your vision, values and lifestyle as a couple, and second, a space that proactively helps you live those values, live the lifestyle you desire and reach your vision of your life.

We aim for a space that not only houses your activities but indeed supports them, enriches them, triggers better interactions between your family members, with your friends and visitors, now and as your lifestyle evolves.

At AKKA, we believe that it is extremely important to start from you, your vision and the ideas you already have about your personal life as well as your professional life (since you work from home as we understood). It is essential that we understand (and if needed help you define) the lifestyles you aim to create in this home. It is extremely important for us to understand you and your guests’ needs and desires. It is only after that, that we can create a space that truly serves you, and not only makes your life easier, but indeed makes it better.

Your private home should not only be functional and practical, it should also serve and reinforce your unique lifestyle and facilitate fruitful interactions between you family members, friends and visitors. To create your unique home, we explore a wide variety of design directions, obtain the necessary permits and engage with the context around, to arrive at the most optimal home for you and your family.

In addition, even though our entire process is designed as a participatory process based on you and your insights, our final phase we call the adapting phase allows for additional final refinements and fine-tuning after the project has become reality. We focus here of the small details that make all the difference.

We aim to create a vibrant living space, where you can grow, develop and flourish. In addition to creating your envisioned dream for your residence, we aim to raise the value of the property by creating a desirable, high valued design should the property be rented or sold in the future.

Overall, we aspire to design a personal living space that you would naturally be able to call home.

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Jonathan Tsay
Private Client of AKKA

“I loved working with AKKA Architects. I advise anyone who feels like architects are confusing, expensive, or not for them to give AKKA a try. As a first-time homeowner looking at an old building, I was confused about how to approach the renovation. The team at AKKA was able to offer a tailor-fit solution that helped me understand and plan my renovation in phases. They helped me feel comfortable and broke down all the necessary steps in a transparent and approachable manner. AKKA also made sure I was aware of all the choices available and I truly felt like they were encouraging me to make the best choice possible.”