How to design a villa for work and life

Case study: Luxury Villa | British Virgin Islands

Project in process/

Located in the British Virgin Islands, this luxury villa is designed to welcome working professionals from all over the world who need to be on the island for a perfect balance of work and leisure. This four bedroom exclusive villa features a home office, a pool and a private garden, offering something for every member of the family! 


Perched on a steep hill, this villa offers stunning views of the ocean on one side and private views of greenery on the other. Our concept centred around creating a milestone landmark in the centre of the city. Composed of a collection of cubes, the villa cascades over the hill, embracing the natural contour lines. The bottom deck cantilevers out of the hill to create a viewing platforms to enjoy stunning views of the ocean. 


Over two storeys, the villa contains a double height common space including the living area, the dining area and an open kitchen, all opening to the pool area that is equipped with a bbq and a lounging deck. In the private quite area of the house, the home office allows focused work to take place. On the second floor, tucked away in quiet privacy are 4 bedrooms all equipped with ensuite bathrooms and at their centre a private garden, hidden away for some peace and tranquillity. 

Aesthetic & Colour Palette

From an interior perspectives, we created an aesthetic that combines the tropical beauty of the island with a modern tone to match the visitors professional life, during their stay. The colour palette we created centers around local materials (stone / wood) and earthy colours. 

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