How to create a private sanctuary

Case study: The Suburban House Renovation.

Moving into a new house is an opportunity to create your very own space, a peaceful environment, a place of fun and activity or just a private sanctuary. To create your forever home, an ideal space that represents you and hosts your needs and wishes, there are numerous things to consider.

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When it comes to creating your forever home, each residence is different. In addition to factors like the location, views and the surrounding environment, the interior look and feel, available facilities and possible functions, as well as the most optimal use of space should all be considered in the process of creating your very own unique home.

For this project, AKKA Architects undertook a complete redesign and refurbishing of a newly-built two storey residence in a small town in North Holland.


In ther search for nature and tranquility, our client chose to locate their new home in a small suburban community, far from the hustle and bustle or large cities. To complement that choise, we created an overall natural aesthetic close to the neutral, light filled colour tones of nature. Balance and harmony, nature and nurture were the keywords we had in mind.

This concept of creating a private sanctuary transpired all the design decisions and execution, including a pergola extension, remodeling the interior layout, creating semi-detached space for working from home and working out, the interior look and feel, the choice of materials down to every piece of furniture. To create a holistic lifestyle experience, we had to consider the entire house and its every detail.

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Before you hire an architect for your home, make sure you avoid these Three Fatal Mistakes that most clients do when selecting an architect for their home design, construction or renovation project.

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