How the design of your home can enrich your life

Case study: Deltastraat | Home renovation in Amsterdam

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When done correctly, designing and building a new home or renovating an existing house can enrich people’s lives by linking a purposeful design with the needs and daily habits of its inhabitants. 
At AKKA, we are specialised in designing spaces for interactions. This is especially important in a private household to create a vibrant living space, where you can grow, bond and flourish.
In addition, we believe that in addition to creating your envisioned dream for your residence, we can also aim to raise the value of the property by creating a desirable, high valued design should the property be rented or sold in the future. 

This renovation project located in a monumental building in the Rivierenbuurt neighbourhood in Amsterdam is an example of the relationship that can be nurtured between the old and new concepts to create the perfect harmony where a modern design can coexist in a monumental environment, and stand the test of time.

This private residence consists of two main floors and an attic for a total of about 200 square meters. Aiming to first and foremost create an environment that is as versatile as its owners’ lifestyle, our team of architects, engineers, interior designers and contractors all came together to design a home that would support, facilitate and enrich the entire spectrum of activities that the owners had in their lifestyle, including living, playing, relaxing, entertaining, hosting guests overnight as well as working from home in a home office and a fully designed artist atelier.

Of course, it also goes without saying that the entire house renovation was done in as sustainable a way as possible through the responsible choice of materials and construction details during the design and construction as well as through keeping the future maintenance and operations costs as low as possible (for example, all the windows were renovated to become double glazed, thus reducing the need for heating).

AKKA’s Service scope
For this project, our team of architects, engineers, interior designers and contractors started from the very beginning of the design process until the completion of construction and execution, including schematic and conceptual design, design development, documentation for permit applications, the permit application procedure as well as construction management including contractor’s coordination and project management throughout the construction period until the completion of construction and beyond, into our adapting phase.

A monument in a historic context
The Rivierenbuurt was built in the 1920’s as a primarily middle-class residential area, part of the Plan Zuid urban expansion programme designed by Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage. The Dutch word Rivierenbuurt translates as ‘Rivers Neighbourhood’, which refers to the fact that most streets in the area are named after rivers in the Netherlands. The monumentality of the Hilwis complex, in particular, derives from the fact that until the World War II the area had a sizeable Jewish population which included Anne Frank and her family, who lived at Merwedeplein square until they went into hiding in the secret annex located in the old city centre.

This renovation project is currently in progress, scheduled to be completed in November 2019. 

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