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A company fails every 3 minutes. It is a known fact that 96% of all businesses fail in the first 10 years. While they fail for many reasons, people-related issues are always in the top 5 causes of failure.

To give you an idea, a recent study has shown that 51% of all employees are looking to leave their current job at the moment, and 40% of employees plan to change jobs in the next year. The cost of replacing people is between 16.1% and 213% of their annual salary depending on the seniority of their position.

To succeed, companies have tried many solutions, investing millions of euros in leadership and management, staff development and training as well as technology, just to name a few areas.
Yet, there is one solution that most companies have not tried or have tried poorly. This solution is not only a “blind spot” for most organisations; all organisations are already paying its costs only they receive no significant return on this investment.

This solution is your workplace. At AKKA we believe that your workspace is a strategic tool that can drive the success of your organisation by supporting the retention, recruitment, and development of your talent teams.

A recent study has shown that 89% of people blame their work environment for dissatisfaction at work. This is clearly a missed opportunity. A better workplace can improve the health, well-being, and experience of employees, making them not only more satisfied but indeed happier and the organisation as a whole more successful. Indeed, when people are happy at work, turnover drops by 51%, sick leaves are reduced by 66%, burnout decreases by 125%, sales increase by 37%, retention increases by 40% and innovation jumps a whopping 300%.

Optimising your workspace can not only maximise your return on investment on the real estate costs of your organisation (the second-highest expense of most organisations), but also and most importantly, it will maximise your return on investment on your talent costs (the first highest expense of most organisations).

At AKKA, we believe that space is a strategic tool that is capable of delivering business growth when designed and set up correctly.

We do not simply speak of opening the curtains for natural light or filling any empty spot on your desk with plants. We are talking about immersive and in-depth research into user behavior and needs in order to deliver a workplace design that enhances employee experience, their happiness and ultimately increases organisational performance.
We believe that, as architects, we have the responsibility to create the infrastructure in which you, your teams and your entire company can flourish.

Now you may wonder: “What can redesigning my workplace mean for the retention, recruitment, and development of my teams? How does optimising my workplace help my company success?” Scroll down to have a look through our Workplace Projects.

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Workplace Projects

Triodos Bank Netherlands Akka Architects Workplace Design
Triodos Bank | The Netherlands Headquarters
AKKA Architects Triodos Bank Frankfurt Germany Workplace Design
Triodos Bank | Frankfurt Headquarters
AKKA Architects Greenflux Workplace Design
Greenflux | Workplace Design
OneFit Akka Architects Workplace Design Amsterdam Headquarters
OneFit | Amsterdam Headquarters
smart workplace common space flexworking kit royal institute tropenmuseum amsterdam
KIT | Royal Tropical Institute
digital workstation employee public kandoor local democracy bureau interim advies amsterdam
BIA | Municipality of Amsterdam
round table discussion informal meeting open space impact hub oosterpark amsterdam
Impact Hub Oosterpark | Coworking Space
future work business interaction open workplace impact hub westerpark amsterdam
Impact Hub Westerpark | Coworking Space
AKKA Architects GRI Global Reporting Initiative Workplace Design
GRI | Global Reporting Initiative
Verical farming GROWx Amsterdam
GROWx | Vertical Farm
Architecture project designing coworking space amsterdam
The Metropool | Coworking Building
architecture workplace design project al alif university
Al Alif Offices & University

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