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Case study: BIA | Bureau Interim & Advies

Creating a true home-base. 
The Bureau of Interim and Advice (BIA) of the municipality of Amsterdam, is responsible for facilitating experts to temporarily support complex projects in external organizations and companies.  The fact that BIA’s team is active in external locations and not present in their own office on a daily basis, developed a challenge for them: they have lost the sense of unity. For this reason, the nature of the project revolved around establishing home base that can nurture a strong team dynamic rooted in a distinctive and solid identity.

From collaboration to establishing a vision.
Through our collaborative consultation sessions, that take place in phase 1 of our AKKA process.

  • We understood the challenges, needs and dreams of the concerned groups of people.
  • We aligned the interests of the involved parties.
  • We synergized the vision of creating a true ‘home-base’ for BIA.
  • We derived a common design direction that would carry this vision

A place the employees can revert to when they are not active in external companies.  The space encourages different levels of interaction by facilitating a variety of degrees in focus, noise and privacy. The essence of the design direction is a combination of a ´homey´ and ´professional´ feel.

“How do you make a vibrant home base where people feel a sense of community even when the team is not physically present daily?”

Offering variety is key
The new workplace of BIA was designed to be characterized by four different areas at the heart of which lies “The Plaza” which is considered a social, informal and permeable space in which BIA employees, guests, visitors and other tenants mingle. Other rooms that were created are meeting rooms where events and workshops can also take place, a semi-private area and a fully-private area specifically designed for BIA employees. 

The result was a multi-functional workspace with a strong identity distinguished through its interior elements and the usage of both vibrant and earthy colors. A unique fact to mention is that this is the first workplace owned by the municipality of Amsterdam, to be entirely furnished with re-used and repurposed ‘old’ furniture. This was decided in order to design with a sustainable approach.

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“We would like to express our gratitude for the time you invested in helping us get to a clear picture.  Anna and I really appreciated the call we had with you, your responsiveness, and the great empathy that you exhibited throughout – we certainly felt very “well taken care of” when engaging with you.  On the practical side, we especially appreciated that there was the option to obtain robust bottom-up cost estimates for the construction itself (not every design architect offers this).”

-Private Client of AKKA



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