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Case study: Impact Hub Oosterpark | Coworking Space

A vibrant co-working space with a strong identity.
The Impact Hub Amsterdam is part of a global community of 60+ Impact Hubs with over 7000 impact makers that drive change around the world. The Impact Hub Amsterdam came to AKKA (for the second time in two years) because their community of members was growing and they needed a larger space. While we helped them look for suitable real estate, it was important to keep in mind the Impact Hub’s desire to maintain its unique dynamic, create a workplace that both embodies their identity and supports the needs of its entrepreneurs.

Different people have different needs.
After conversations with the community, the design direction was taken into the expression of the Impact Hub’s essence and providing a variety of privacy, conversations and formality levels, which would foster different types of interaction and give the people a sense of freedom.

The epicentre of interaction.
The heartbeat of the Impact Hub was best captured and communicated in its area, which we designed to be a vibrant cafe area that embodies and invites the energy of the space. For this reason, the cafe/kitchen was transformed into a shared working and eating area, featuring an island kitchen which encourages interconnectivity and interaction amongst the members. The coworking space was designed to support both collective and individual work and the entire space was redesigned by reusing old interior Impact Hub items to support Impact Hub’s sustainable mindset and maintain a sense of familiarity.

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“We would like to express our gratitude for the time you invested in helping us get to a clear picture.  Anna and I really appreciated the call we had with you, your responsiveness, and the great empathy that you exhibited throughout – we certainly felt very “well taken care of” when engaging with you.  On the practical side, we especially appreciated that there was the option to obtain robust bottom-up cost estimates for the construction itself (not every design architect offers this).”

-Private Client of AKKA



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