How optimize your space into a family home

Case study: The Family Lifestyle Renovation

Creating your ideal family lifestyle may seem like a dream, and it definitely takes a few steps to get there, but it can also be as easy as starting with your house! For this young couple, their baby and  their dog, renovating their house in Duivendrecht, North Holland,  was the very beginning of creating their dream lifestyle. And we are honored we got to help them in the process!

As a young family, our clients needed a toddler-friendly and pet-friendly, open, safe and simultaneously cozy space, to spend their days, enjoy some quality time and host their friends and family. This house is located on the top three floors of a 4 storey building. For this project, we optimized and re-designed the whole space to meet our clients’ needs and wishes. Besides being functional, optimal and making everyday tasks easier, we also wanted this project to capture a true “homey” feeling and reflect the unique personality of this young family.

Efficiency and Adjustments

One of the major pieces of work for this project was to open up the kitchen to meet the living room. This allowed us to open up the entire floor plan and feel of the first floor. By connecting the kitchen with the living room, we were able to enlarge both spaces and create a more homey feeling. This new configuration improves the flow of the space and allows the clients to cook while connecting with each other, engaging with their child and while entertain guests.

Another major part of the renovation was to optimize the toilet space, because the original one was extremely small and therefore, unpractical.  While the toilet may seem like a small part of the house, it is an important part as it needs to be functional on a daily basis obviously but also, since this is the living floor toilet that guests will use, it needs to be welcoming and a good reflection of your home. Enlarging a toilet in a relatively small apartment and on a budget can be challenging but we were able to optimize it, without compromising the already narrow corridor.

When it comes to the 2nd floor, we needed to make small but effective adjustments to the layout and re-evaluate the furniture arrangement to take ful advantage of the limited space available. We had to design tailor-made  furniture to utilise some unique corners and niches and create an equally unique aesthetic.

Lifestyle and Requests

When it comes to specific lifestyle needs, we redesigned the attic to create a home office, that can double up as a guest room, a gym to train and a laundry room.

Last but not least, we redesigned the entire staircase in the house so moving in between floors would be effortless. From a shaky and very steep staircase (very common in the Netherlands), we created an elegant, comfortable and safe and staircase. Learn more about the troubling Dutch Stairs and how to improve them in our related piece here



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