How workplace design can support your company goals

Case study: Triodos Bank| The Netherlands Headquarters

The following project shows how a tailored architectural consultancy process can exponentially optimize your current workplace and with it your company’s current and future work dynamics. 

A Unique Framework for the Future of Work
Triodos Bank N.V. is a bank based in the Netherlands with branches in Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom and Spain. Triodos’ mission is to ‘help create a society that protects and promotes quality of life and human dignity for all’ by means of ethical banking1. Triodos Bank finances companies which it believes add cultural value and benefit both people and the environment.
For the Triodos Bank based in The Netherlands, the project did not consist in building or designing new spaces. Rather, to optimise their existing and already inhabited workplaces, we decided to intervene via a unique process of engagement, prototyping and evaluation with the aim of creating a framework for the future of your Triodos’ workplace that can be implemented regardless of the context (situation and time) in which the company may find itself in the future. 

Prepare now for the Future of Work

Creation a framework for the future of work for Triodos Bank was developed in a series of steps during which AKKA Architects prototyped, implemented and analysed the results of a series of design experiments. Through quick iterations of our AKKA process, we developed and implemented different design versions in key locations within Triodos’s workplace. For each design version we implemented, we observed the real time use to learn from the behaviour of people in the space. We conceived of the project almost like workplace acupuncture. 

Each experiment was designed and refined based on the learnings and deepened analysis of the previous experiment. The learnings and analysis were based on the insights gathered from the employees themselves as well as our own on ground observations. At the end of the series of experiments, we accumulated the learnings and created a prototype design for the future of workplaces as proof of concept towards a future way of working.

By keeping in mind the different – present or future – settings in the company, the different users’ profiles (whether they are employees, clients or visitors) and the different needs of the different teams (departments and branches) we were able to provide Triodos with a final space design that outlines a framework of how to implement an optimised and sustainable workplace design that has the flexibility, scalability and potential, not only for the current context but also for potential future one. 

This project constitutes, what we believe to be a great case study for how we can optimize the workplace of any organisation, even if they are not in a position to undertake the construction or renovation of a new workplace. When organisations are not ready or able to commit to the construction, re-design or relocation of their workplace, a tailored consultancy process can empower your organisation, your people and yourself in the spirit of improving and strengthening your employees’ interactions and with that, the entire company’s goals.


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