The latest HR trends and how they impact human resources.

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Human Resources 2020 & beyond

Six Trends

There are several trends that have influenced the way human resources are shaped. These influences include those that are brought about by technology, by generational changes, by the intrinsic complexity within a business, by the need to have a work-life balance and by the need for inclusive leadership. All these trends have affected human resources in a positive way.

Human Resources

Human resources, normally referred to as HR is an acronym that was coined in the1960’s and has been used since then to represent all the people who are working within a company to make the company or the business achieve its goals and objectives. Being a part of the business, resources play a vital role and it is crucial to ensure that all the resources are put into optimal use so as to ensure the realization of the goals and objectives that the business aims for.

2020 & Beyond

Over the years, changes in the human resources have been rapidly triggering various developments that can individually be pointed out. With these changes, the efficiency of HR management has been radically improved, allowing individuals to achieve more with less work done, work smarter not harder. These trends in human resources have emerged with the bid to curb the competition that has emerged in the world between businesses as well as the need for these businesses to conform to human trends.

Changes that have affected HR & the Workplace until now.

There have been numerous developments that have shaped HR management in the past and current trends are continuing to influence the future of human resources. In the pre-1900’s, the idea of a connection between the worker and their well-being was identified and at this time already, departments were established that were dedicated to serving the employees

The right track to embracing HR 2020-2025

Understanding the current trends that have impacted human resources management is critical in ensuring your organization is on track and keeping up with the trends. Understanding and embracing the generational changes and incorporating this in Human Resources management will help get on track. Change is inevitable and fighting these influences that are shaping the management of Human Resources will only result in losses and expensive implementation of outdated policies.

“The more a work setting is perceived to be innovative in terms of fostering staff interaction, the greater the measuring of staff productivity and the level of productivity”

— (Ilozor et al., 2002)

The global leading HR trends.

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Technology has become one of the most impactful trends that have over the years revolutionised how HR operates, in all businesses. Technology has changed the way that businesses offer services, how they communicate and how employees are recruited.


Generational changes

Since the 1950s, different generations have inhabited the workplace. These groups of employees had different needs and expectations in terms of job performance, well-being and satisfaction. These different needs have influenced HR management in businesses over time.


Appreciation of complexity

Due to the fierce competition in the world of business, understanding the complexities in an organization – such as the percentage of internal successors as well as the voluntary turnover of the business – is critical to producing results. This helps to appreciate every individual business’ complexity and its human behaviors.


Inclusive leadership & professional development

In the modern age, employees’ expectations are high. Employees expect leaders to do more. This is also articulated by the various stakeholders in the organization. With the employees having a higher expectation from their leaders, the company’s performance may be faulted if the management is not performing.


Employee branding & global recruitment

This is another trend that is affecting many, if not all businesses.  In order to attract the best talent and retain them in the organisation; the organisation is looking for ways to keep their employees motivated by taking stock of their employer’s brand. These are qualities and attributes that set the employers aside from others.


Establishing work-life balance as the norm

Due to overall tougher economic times, people are working more in this decade than ever before. This has caused friction to develop between work life and personal life and consequently, a considerable number of employees are reporting burnouts across the western world.

"Teams with inclusive leaders are 17% more likely to report that they are high performing, 20% more likely to say they make high-quality decisions, and 29% more likely to report behaving collaboratively."

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes Speaker

From the desk of Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes is a Workplace Interactions Expert. As an architect, a speaker, an author and a workplace transformation expert, she has mastered the art and science of using Interactions as a Strategic tool to achieve any business goal in any organisation.

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