Small Place Mistakes

Small Place Mistakes

Small houses may seem like they don’t have much room for designed or optimized spaces. This is one of the greatest false myths of interior design. The Key Word is “Optimised”.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the hacks of interior design in small spaces and they end up making mistakes that make their spaces even smaller. Here are 6 small place mistakes to avoid:


1. Dark Colours

Colours can have a positive, relaxing or stimulating effect on our psychology, depending on the function of each room. However, small spaces tend to look even smaller when their main colours are dark and intense. This applies not only to the walls but also to the furniture and accessories. It is necessary to remember that in small or dark spaces we should generally avoid using dark colours because the space will feel suffocating. Instead, try colour palettes that are closer to white or bright That doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with a plain interior. On the contrary, you will get the opportunity to layer a variety of other tones and elements, on top of a light base. Wondering how? Here are some tips on how to style a white room

2. Lack of Depth and Perspective

One of the most common mistakes that makes a small apartment look even smaller (and possibly more boring) is the lack of perspective and depth in it.  There are many ways to remedy this, including clever and concealed lighting, the use of different tones of the same colour palette on the walls, cantilevered shelves on the walls (to make the most out of the height of the space) and of course mirrors, which add light, depth and the illusion of more space.

3. Carpets or large rugs

Covering the whole floor, or a large portion of it, can make the space feel smaller. Adding a rug that is much smaller than the room can create the illusion of a defined area, an area in an area  –  room in room effect –  therefore the human eye perceives the space to be larger. 

4. Large bulky Furniture

Large bulky furniture can take up a lot of space in the house without adding that much more incremental useor functionality. At the same time they give a heavy imposing feeling, which small houses cannot afford. Also, big furniture means less furniture and this simply reduces the depth and the eye then focuses on the one massive object and not on the overall space. Try smaller furniture which grants space for more accessories and more variety, which, when done correctly, can help create an illusion of more space.

5. Short Curtains

Curtains that are the length of the windows, and that do not reach the floor are a common mistake. Full height curtains that are the length of the walls and reach the floor offer an incomparable elegance. They serve the overall space by giving color and depth with the contrast of fabric-wall. Most importantly, they give the illusion of height, higher ceilings and overall space.

6. A Single Source of Light

As we always mention, light is everything! Lighting is a major component of a home’s depth and perspective when designed right. There is general, task, accent, and ambiance lighting, and all can be chosen and combined to create the ideal interior. Check out our in-depth article on lighting, to get an idea of how to use it to illuminate and make the most out of your space. 


The easiest and most artsy way to introduce space could be to use a trompe–l’oeil painting or poster. Something bright, and preferably depicting Nature, may work best. But beware, this can very easily be done badly and look cheesy, so choose wisely.

Just remember, small spaces have the advantage of being cozy with a homey feeling. Optimize and make the most out of them to create your dream home!

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