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Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes Speaker

Stephanie’s speaking is driven by her vision of Architecting Interaction. Based on Stephanie’s belief that interactions are the seeds of innovation, Architecting Interaction explores how spaces and contexts can foster the interactions needed for innovation. In addition to leading architectural projects, Stephanie has been consulting with a large number of wide audiences including social entrepreneurs, corporations & governmental bodies to help them adopt the vision of Architecting Interaction and implement it in their own specific situation.

Using the vision of Architecting Interaction as an aspirational and operational framework, these consultancy programs explore how to translate the “AKKA process” into actionable steps for any challenge, faced by individuals, businesses, communities or institutions. Recent clients include Guardian Glass, Saint Gobain, the European Commission & a number of Dutch ministries.

“Stephanie ranks among the best & most expert speakers of our time”
— Harry Starren.
Federation Dutch Creative Industries

A speech tailored to your needs

Stephanie will deliver a valuable and impactful presentation that will be tailored completely to the main key messages of your organisation. In her speech, she will incorporate moments of interaction, conversation and realization that will create a lively environment that will make your audience feel like they are part of the talk.

Most asked topics


  • The future of work: The workplace as a strategic tool for business growth
  • How your office / workplace can help you live your company values and achieve your vision
  • How a collaborative approach can lead to ‘sustainable innovation’
  • How architecture can save the other 99% of the global population
  • The future of the architecture, design, and construction industries
  • The future of urban living: How mobility can make a city thrive and people happier
  • Using architecture strategically to contribute to company success
  • How to design for happiness

Areas of expertise

  • How to use your workplace as a strategic tool to maximise your impact
  • The workplace of the future
  • Collaborative processes
  • Mobility Psychology in the workplace
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Urban planning


English, French, Arabic, Dutch

Virtual Speaking

Due to the difficult circumstances with COVID-19, the event’s industry is being affected and many events are shifting their physical events into digital events. 

Stephanie on stage

Over 250 speeches the last 10 years.

”It is so powerful to watch Stephanie on stage where she does nothing less than inspire everyone who is present. Her passion automatically captures attention and through her speech she continues to actively interact with the audience of any size. Every part of her presentation is thought of to the last possible detail. If you are in need of Speaker who will make people think, widen their horizons and show them new ways of perceiving things – Stephanie is exactly the person you should be talking to.”

– Michaela Milkusakova, Event Director

”Stephanie is a true professional speaker; in all senses! Her level of insight, preparation and charisma are unmatched and I am very fortunate to have had Stephanie join us at our inaugural Women in Construction Europe conference in Amsterdam! If you are looking for a speaker who is able to empower and provide key takeaways for your audience, Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes should be in your list!”

– Jordan Graham, Conference Producer at Maddox Events

Stephanie was a speaker during the 2018 Guardian in Europe kick off event in The Netherlands. It was a real pleasure to meet her and her speech was very inspiring. She thinks differently about the future needs of people and this made me think differently on how we should serve our different customers in the value chain. She really made an impact. Well done. 

Guus Boeakhoudt, Vice President & General Manager at Guardian Industries

More videos

Over 100 speeches the last 3 years.

”I attended Stephanie’s lecture at the BNA architectendag, it really inspired me. The vision and approach Stephanie presented is exactly the way I would want to work. Literally placing the user at the heart of the designproces. It is very interesting how Stephanie’s approach extends the design process both at the start and end of the process. Thank you so much for inspiring me and giving me new insights on how to optimally design for and wíth the user.

– Kim Warmerdam, Architect at FARO architecten bv, bna

”Stephanie was presenting on our annual leadership meeting . She was demonstrating how the thought process of architects work while designing a commercial building. She was explaining her concept of how an architectural space can inspire innovation and how the architect community should be communicating with the final users in order to reach the best comfort, foster human interaction and innovation. I believe that her concept has an incredible importance in our today’s world – facilitating people’s interactions ! Stephanie has an incredible and unique capability to engage a large audience. She is passionate, clear and concise. Has a good sensitivity of the dynamics of a presentation and continuously interacting with the audience . That keeps everybody engaged during the show but her unique slide-design with the concise content make it very easy to take the essence of the message away. Thanks Stephanie – and ‘to be continued ‘ !”

– Gabor Andrasi, Director Demand Creation Europe at Guardian Industries Corp.

”During our annual leadership summit beginning of February 2018 in Amsterdam, we invited Stephanie to talk about the thought process in architectural design. Her speech was inspiring and an eye-opener for the audience! Her comments and point of view during the panel discussion gave all of us food for thought. I had a lot of positive feedback after the session and her presentation was definitely one of the highlights of our meeting. Thanks!”

– Max Radt,  Chief Commercial Officer at HBG-Corp

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Experience AKKA's vision live!

World Workplace Europe

Date: 6-8th of  May
Place: Join online

Stephanie’s speech will focus on why and how a workplace should not be an end itself, but rather a strategic tool to contribute to more prosperous people, a more impactful business and happier society.

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Workspace Re-worked

Date: TBC
Place: Online event

Engagement, well being of employees and productivity techniques in the workplace are some of the topics that will be discussed.

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Smart Workspace Design

Date: 2-4th of June
Place: Germany

Stephanie’s speech will focus on how strategically to attract, retain and develop the best teams in your organization to help your organization innovate effectively and more consistently.

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Smart Workspace Design

Date: 16th of June
Place: Online event

Discover the strategies, mindsets and practices to lead your organisation through lockdown and recession to recovery and growth.

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