How to deal with the summer heat without an A/C.

How to deal with the summer heat without an A/C.

Summer season is officially here. However, this does not only mean getaway holidays and long beach days, but also dealing with the unavoidable heat. Due to phenomena such as climate change and global warming, Europe has been suffering from extreme heatwaves for the last decade, and it seems to be getting more acute every year. At the same time, the increasing costs of electricity makes the choice of Air Conditioner, not always possible for many households.

Here are smart interior design solutions to deal with the summer heat without an Air Conditioner (A/C).

Α term named Natural Ventillation

Natural ventilation is the use of wind and thermal buoyancy to create air movement in and out of the building without the use of mechanical systems, with the goal of bringing fresh air into your home.

What to do

OK, the obvious ones first!

 1. Leave the windows open.

By leaving your windows open – specially during the night in the summer months, natural ventilation can provide free cooling and reduce your home energy use.

2. Leave your room doors open.

By leaving your room doors open – specially the ones that are facing each other, the stale air is pushed out of the space whenever fresh air is drawn inwards.



3. An interesting combination.

In two storey houses, by leaving both skylights or top floor windows and ground floor  doors and windows open, the hot air finds its way to the top openings and finally leaves the entire building. 


More Ideas

1. Close the lights and turn off unneeded electronic equipment.

This sustainable solution saves money and avoids any heat that comes from the energy of electrical appliances such asPCs and TVs.

2. Close blinds and curtains.

Easy one. Just avoid direct sunlight in the midday hours before sunset, when the light is particularly strong and causes strong heat.

Fun Fact

Choose woolen sheets for your bedding.

Natural wool is a common alternative insulation product. Wool insulation offers many benefits to consumers, such as strong moisture absorption and desorption capabilities.

Final Solution… with a tiny cost

Invest in ceiling fans, or even self-standing fans.

With the use of the fan you achieve controlled room temperature and constant air circulation. The cost, of course, does not compare with that of the air conditioner.  

If you have any questions about dealing with summer heat in natural ways or you are constructing or renovating your home and would like some help, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.


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