How the art of exhibiting can elevate an entire space

Case Study: Ten Meters of Thinking

As an internationally renowned thinker, specialised in the Creation of knowledge, Paul Hughes works with individuals, organisations, and institutions to create cultures of learning. Through his Ten Meters of Thinking, he presents curated constellations of OPUS numbers, empowering audiences to create timely meaning based on timeless wisdom.

With a very distinct voice and clear philosophy about the creation and exchange of knowledge, Paul Hughes is an artist and public speaker. Along ten metres of paper, he draws as he speaks, creating a captivating visual-verbal experience of storytelling.

“Knowledge is a human right. However, it is not just about the access to knowledge, but more importantly, it is about the application of Knowledge and the Creation of Knowledge as a human right.

The challenges of today cannot be solved with the answers of yesterday. The creation of new knowledge is necessary at all levels of our society; at the level of individuals, the level of our interactions, and the level of our institutions.

Much work has been done on the access to knowledge, some work has been done on the application of knowledge, yet it is the concept of the creation of knowledge that needs to be addressed.”

Paul Hughes

For this exhibit of his work in London, Paul commissioned AKKA Architects to explore the spatial ways his work can be presented and experienced. This exhibit presents a collection of Paul Hughes’ OPUS numbers, Opus coming from the Latin meaning “work”. These visual aphorisms act as accelerators of the mind and spurs to action.

“Often my OPUS numbers are designed to be suggestive – because I believe the best lessons are ‘not taught but are caught’. I’m interested in creating images that are not seen but rather are envisioned. This allows each individual space to create their own meaning.”

Paul Hughes

Great attention was focused on the different ways the visitors are able to view, experience, and interact with Paul Hughes’ work. AKKA explored Paul’s work in its different forms including small postcard-like posters, large accordion-folded books, and 10 meters long rolls of colourful wallpaper.

For the opening night of the exhibit, Paul offered a live performance of Ten Meters of Thinking, where he drew live as he spoke, a fascinating 45min experience.

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