The best books for Workplace Professionals in 2020

The best books for Workplace Professionals in 2020.

Becoming a truly accomplished Workplace Professional requires you to make the most out of all the training and education available to you. Your job is likely to provide some of these opportunities for you. However, for real and exponential personal growth, you will probably also want to study on your own. For this winter break (and perfect as Christmas gifts for people in Human Resources, Facility Management and the Real Estate Industry), we have compiled for you some of the best books workplace professionals have found to help them grow in the workplace. We hope they can do the same for you. Enjoy!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, (the original) is an amazing book in itself. While not new, it is a book many people continue to read for personal growth. As a number 1 best seller on Amazon, you would think we would see more brilliant successes taking the world by storm using this method. This follow-up book is here to show you how the 7 habits of highly effective people are a system that can be adopted by anyone, and why we all should indeed adopt it. This book takes a detailed look at author Stephen Covey’s model, and offers a detailed and insightful understanding so that everyone can be successful, using these 7 simple habits.

Whether you work in human resources, facility management or (corporate) real estate, chances are you handle negotiations on a daily basis. Sometimes we can negotiate well, and other times we let situations, some of them great opportunities, slip through our fingers. Never Split the Difference is a book written by a former international hostage negotiator. Chris Voz is experienced at negotiating when lives are at stake, and never compromising what is most important. He gives you all of his tips and tricks to help you learn how to negotiate in your own battlefield. Life is all about negotiating. Even if your negotiations are limited to your next big raise or settling a workplace situation for your employees, they are always ones you want to take seriously and get the most out of for your daily and future success.

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you work, you don’t seem to get anything done? Struggling with productivity is a common problem, but it doesn’t have to be. In this thoughtfully written book by David Allen, you learn how to become more productive through the ability to relax. While it may sound at odds with productivity, David Allen’s proven techniques have worked for thousands of readers. Learn how to apply the “do it, delegate it, defer it, drop it” rule to your work so you stay on top of things, and learn to feel good about the things you’re not doing.

Jay Abraham has been a top adviser to some of America’s top corporations. In this book, he shares with you some of his best advice about finding opportunities you can use to your advantage. Even if your goal isn’t to revolutionize the industry you work in, his sage advice can help you find untapped resources you may not have noticed in your work and your own life. If top tier performance is your goal, this book may be just the read you’ve been looking for.

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

In this masterfully written book, Patrick Lencioni takes us through 5 dysfunctions that cause teams to fail. As each dysfunction is revealed, explained and disected, Lencioni also shares actionable steps you can take to correct the problem and reunite any team—even yours, in a surprisingly straightforward way. A joy to read and a tremedous eye opener!

These books have been an inspiration to readers all around the world, and they can help you too, not to mention that they are perfect and timeless gifts for any Workplace Professional. If you’re looking for a way to solve a problem that may have been holding you back, unlock your potential and grow in your mission as a Workplace Professional, picking up one (or all!) of these books could help you uncover the direction you may be looking for, or discover one you didn’t even know you needed!

If you happen to have read those books for Workplace Professionals already or have space for a 6th, download here your own copy of the Power of Interactions: How to how to Align and Engage your entire workforce. I wrote this book myself, to help Workplace professionals like yourself specifically with attracting, retaining and developing the best talent so you can take your career and your entire company to the next level.

Align and Engage your entire workforce to achieve massive growth in your Organisation.


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