The Best Places To Work In 2019

What are the best places to work international?

It is every company’s desire to be the place where candidates line up for an employment opportunity. However, some companies have embraced that desire and made it less of a wish and more of a real goal. When a company is considered a ‘best place to work’ for employees, it doesn’t just mean the company has great job perks, it means there is something fundamentally right about it that makes it amazing in every aspect of the employee experience.

Even if being one of the best places to work is not your priority goal at this moment, I am sure you have at least a desire for it and you would agree that improvements in that area, can only benefit your employees and your company. In order to help give you ideas for improvements in your own company, we have rounded up a collection of the companies voted the best to work for by employees for 2019. Let us take a look at what they did to become so successful and see what can we learn from them.

best places to work

Hubspot is a developer and marketer of different kinds of software. They were voted the #1 business to work for on Glassdoor1. Hubspot strives to make their company culture one of the most friendly and inviting in the world, and they made several big changes this year to try and improve things. For example, Hubspot set their first diversity goal striving to include more cultures from around the world, and made inclusivity their main focus. They think this new focus in their business may be what made them hands down the top favorite place to work for by employees.2

Southwest Airlines

Although they aren’t always #1, Southwest Airlines has been notable as a favorite place for employees for as long as they’ve been in business— which is over 45 years. In all this time, they have never had to lay off a single employee or cut their pay3. In anonymous interviews, Southwest Airline employees had a lot to say about the company, and why it is incredibly exciting to work there. Among many, they cited team unity, a culture of appreciation, and opportunities for advancement as reasons they loved working for this company.4

best places to work
best places to work
best places to work
In-N-Out Burger

When we think of a fantastic company to work for, a fast food joint is probably not what comes to mind first. Yet In-N-Out Burger has been a “Top Place to Work” for 5 consecutive years on Glassdoor5, and has extremely high ratings by their employees. In an interview with the CEO of In-N-Out Burger, Lynsi Snyder, she mentioned selecting leaders for their ability to engage employees, a positive work environment, and skill training as some of the reasons employees love working there. In addition, exciting job perks, a generous starting salary, and a company backed retirement plan, probably help.6

The three companies above are only a small sample. However, they show that companies can be a great place to work, no matter which industry they operate in. As a company, you do not need to have all the right elements to be a top place to work, what you do need is to have the few elements that are right for your employees specifically. When a company has the few but right pieces of the puzzle, employees will love working there. Although the companies in this article are very different, and may have different practices to make employees happy, they all use many of the same underlying principles behind the practices. You can make your company a top place to work as well, by cultivating a positive and inclusive workplace, engaging your employees in ways that work specifically for your culture, and offering them the opportunities they need, whether to grow, balance their personal life, or better bond with colleagues. Remember, it doesn’t matter what your company does—it matters how your company makes employees feel and what experience it offers them.

If you are planning to cultivate a positive and inclusive workplace, engage your employees in ways that work specifically for your culture, and offer them the opportunities they need, you need your employees’ help. While you may know your employees quite well and have an idea about their needs, it is a risky endeavour to decide for them. Your best bet is to get that information from them directly. Sounds like this could be a daunting process? It is for many companies and this is why we have developed a four phases, easy to follow, step-by-step process to guide you in aligning and engaging any group of people. Get your free copy now. 

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