The Most Useful Workforce Planning Tools

How can HR managers make use of these tools to successfully measure productiveness and engagement?

Workforce planning is a crucial part of HR Professionals’ toolkit. A survey discovered that insufficient workforce planning has stopped HR Professionals from reaching business goals. 73% of the leaders surveyed confirm that they have suffered talent gaps that resulted in missed business goals, due to poor planning of their workforce.1

In this post, we will go over some of the three workforce planning tools, discuss their use, and offer tips on how you can measure your employee’s productivity.

73% of the leaders surveyed confirm that they have suffered talent gaps that resulted in missed business goals, due to poor planning of their workforce

The Most Useful Workforce Planning Tools
Here three of the most popular workforce planning tools.

This is an HR tool created to accommodate the demands of midsize companies. It can be utilized by anyone on the team, like company leadership, HR, and even employees. 75 percent of Namely clients claim it has raised employee engagement.2 It feels and looks similar to famous social networks, thus empowering employees to utilize self-service options. 

BambooHR can be utilized for employee data management. This tool gathers and organizes data obtained throughout the whole employee life cycle. This is created to relieve the HR staff so they can concentrate more on people and less on processes. Employees are empowered through self-service features, allowing them the freedom to edit their personal details. 

This planning tool provides a full talent acquisition suite, enhancing the hiring stage for everybody. The tool offers everything that hiring managers require creating a winning recruiting process, engaged workforce, and a superior candidate experience.

The key to successfully create an outstanding employee experience in your workplace is adopting a new mindset around your leadership role as an HR professional.

The Most Useful Workforce Planning Tools
The Most Useful Workforce Planning Tools
The Most Useful Workforce Planning Tools
How to Measure Productivity and Engagement?

Here are some tips to put you on track towards measuring and strengthening engagement in your organization:

  • Set a goal for employee engagement
    You need to tie your goals to one of these three things:
    • strengthen company culture
    • build high-performance organization
    • handle talent more efficiently
  • Develop key metrics
    Utilize your goal to determine the factors you will be measuring as part of your staff engagement survey.
  • Communicate for transparency
    Did you know that communicating continuously and clearly is vital at each phase of the engagement process? That will establish buy-in from employees. Therefore, make sure managers and leaders have the tools and solutions they need to keep communicating in as transparent a way as possible.

Workforce planning is obviously a complex and continuous process, that is also highly prone to changes in the market and within the talent pool Therefore HR professionals must remain flexible in their decision-making process, if they aim to win this war on talent.

Download here the book The Power of Interactions and make sure you don’t waste one tool that’s already at the reach of your hands! A tool that, when used correctly, it will help you align your teams, employees and your entire workforce.

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