The perfect indoor plants for your home and you

The perfect indoor plant for your home and you.

If like us, you have been spending most of your time at home over the past year, you may be looking to change things around a bit, or you may be searching for inspiration around your house to help you feel different and revitalized. Have you ever thought of sprucing up your interior space with an unconventional element or adding pops of color? The easiest way you can refresh your space is by introducing (or replacing) indoor plants! Yes, plants can be quite unconventional! Having indoor plants in your home would give you the feeling of having an indoor garden and a green space, within the limits of your own home. Especially in dense cities, it might be difficult to find outdoor spaces just for yourself where you can relax, so having indoor plants will help you feel like you have a bit of the outside, indoors.

Now, you might also be thinking that you do not have enough space or even enough time to take care of plants, or you feel inexperienced taking care of them. However, there are all kinds of indoor plants, some suited to little spaces, and some that require very little watering and maintenance. There is a plant for every home. There are many different types of indoor plant possibilities for your space, whether you live in a tight apartment or a larger house with lots of space. You can opt for hanging plants from the ceiling, cacti, planters, terrariums, vases, or one from the many other options out there.

Indoor plants are known to have multifield advantages in our day to day life. They enrich our lives in multiple ways, environmental, functional and health-related. We all know some benefits of adding indoor plants to our homes, but there are quite a lot more benefits we may not know of. Besides the fresh and homely feel, they lend to your home, some indoor plants are known to remedy humidity! Some plants can also be used to reduce the noise indoors and moderate room temperatures. They make the interior climate of your space much better by releasing oxygen and getting rid of indoor pollutants and toxins. Plants are also known to improve your mental and physical well-being and can help make your apartment more cheerful, by adding colour and vibrance to your space. They also reduce tension, elevate concentration, improve the ambience, and enhance creativity. Hence they could act as perfect additions to your space, improving the overall quality of your home. Since the benefits far outweigh the negatives or apprehensions some of us may have, this could be the right time to reconsider adding plants or changing the plants you have in your home.

Plants are known to improve your mental and physical well-being and can help make your apartment more cheerful, by adding colour and vibrance to your space.

In this article, we explore a few indoor plants that you can opt for to create your ideal green space within your home.

1. Monstera Deliciosa or ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’

This plant gets its name from the typical nature of its large leaves with holes and spits in them, that lend an exotic yet cozy feel to your space. They bring a very playful feel to space because of their sprawling nature.

They are known to grow big in size, therefore you can opt for this if you have large open spaces. It requires lots of indirect sunlight, thriving in an environment that is not too hot. They are easy to manage without much fuss but require watering often since they need humidity to thrive.

2. Chlorophytum Comosum or ‘Spider Plant’

These form the perfect indoor hanging plants as they have long leaves or ‘spiderettes’ that dangle downwards from them. They add a vibrant and dynamic nature to your space because of their leaves.

This plant is known to purify air rapidly, so they are ideal if you live in a busy area with a lot of pollutants in the air. They require indirect sunlight, therefore you can hang them in corners towards the balcony or exterior spaces. They do not need much care or water, so would be the ideal plant for you in case you do not have much time to devote to them or are inexperienced.

Indoor plants do not only make your space look good, but they also help you feel better.

3. Sansevieria Trifasciata or ‘Snake Plant’

The name of this plant is due to the shape of its leaves. The snake plant cleans air very well as it is known to absorb more carbon dioxide than other indoor plants. If you have limited space available, this could also be a good option as this plant grows vertically upwards.

If you are looking for a plant which is no to minimal fuss and need one for a room that is not too well lit, this could be your go to plant. These are also ideal and survive with low maintenance as they require less water. These are perfect if you are not sure or familiar with plant care and are looking for your first indoor plant.

4. Coleus

If you are looking to add colour to your space through plants, and/or want something different from the typical green plants, you could opt for coleus. They usually have stunning bright coloured foliage – pinks, greens, yellow, red or maroon, and add a tropical vibrant nature to your space. They also have a a variety of leaf shapes and sizes. They work well both in gardens and indoors, and grow quite quickly.

You can choose them if you are looking for something to add colour and an interesting feel to an otherwise minimal space with not too much sunlight. Coleus requires quite a bit of watering, aiming to keep the soil moist but not wet, avoid watering too heavily.

5. Pilea Peperomioides or ‘Chinese Money Plant’

The Chinese money plant adds a fun and cheerful atmosphere to your space, thanks to their large disc shaped leaves and are very easy to grow. These are often used in Scandinavian style interiors, as the green leaves pop out great against white walls. They do not grow more than 20-30 cms so are perfect to be grown as potted plants.

The plant needs lots of sunlight so keep them next to windows. This plant is one that is very easy to take care of, and is very easy to propagate, as you can just cut off a portion and replant it.  This requires more watering in the summer, and needs to dry out in between watering.

Having indoor plants in your home, though highly beneficial, come with a few words of caution. Make sure of course that the plants you choose are non-poisonous, non-toxic, and in case you are allergic to pollen, opt for non-flowering plants. Different plants need different levels of care and maintenance, so choose the plants that match your ability to take care of them. For example, some may gather dust especially in the case of plants with large leaves. The frequency of watering different plants might differ, so be careful to stick to the correct requirements of water for each of your plants, because both underwatering and overwatering will cause the plant to wilt. Once in a while, you might need to take them outdoors to receive natural sunlight to replenish themselves.

Indoor plants do not only make your space look good, but they also help you feel better. Every plant has its own level of purification that it can provide depending on the size of its leaves, its age, and other properties. However, all plants end up creating a healthier environment in their own specific ways. They relieve stress, elevate moods, improve the environment and add vibrancy to your space. Choose your ideal houseplants based on what vibe you want them to lend to your space, the amount of time and care you can provide to them, and depending on how much space you have available. Though they need a bit of love and care, the benefits plants can provide are many, and they ultimately make your space more liveable, creating a happier and healthier space for you.

If you are considering adding indoor plants to your space or renovating your space altogether and would like some help, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.


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