The role of windows in our homes

How to optimize the benefits of windows and the use of space around them.

It begins with light, as it often does. In real estate, natural light is considered to be one of the greatest price-determining factors. Nobody could ever imagine inhabiting a house without windows and today, small windows are considered non–existent. Maximising natural light and fresh air is an essential component in every house.  Large windows are not only an aesthetic solution but also a practical solution to numerous problems that affect not only the real estate value of space itself but the inhabitants’ physical and mental well-being as well as their economy and our ecology. In this article, after exploring the benefits of windows and the natural light and fresh air they provide, we will share a few tips to optimize the use of our spaces in relation to windows. 

Mental and Physical Health

The aesthetic benefits of a sunny house full of natural light are evident. Natural light communicates a vibe of never-ending summer (no matter the season), a refreshing energy and a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. However, the effect of natural light as well as fresh clean air on the physical and mental health is often taken for granted. Exposure to natural light helps the body synthesize the very valuable vitamin D, which is essential for the proper functioning of many vital organs. It is no coincidence that whenever there is Vitamin D deficiency, people seem tired, listless and their psychology is affected significantly. Unfortunately, this could lead to neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases and also psychiatric diseases and clinical depression.

At the same time, natural light and fresh air create the ideal environment for plants that in turn help with creating a cleaner and livelier atmosphere. Fresh air helps avoid mold and humidity – both of which can cause allergies, can radically destroy a property and are difficult and costly to eliminate. Furthermore, fresh air guarantees better sleep and natural light stimulates an easier and more energetic wake up.  

Last but not least on fresh air, are the positive effects on our concentration abilities. Concentration is not only crucial for school kids and college students, but also for most adults as most now work from home frequently.

Economy and Ecology

Apart from mold and the high expense of its removal process, another important issue is the ever-worsening climate crisis and its aftermath on the economy which deeply affect households. Large windows in the main rooms provide lots of light but also a natural warmth during the day and inhabitants are able to reduce their electricity use, the extent of which depends on the region of the world of course.  



Optimizing the use of space around windows

Another major aspect that is often overlooked, is the way we interact with windows, the way we use the space around them and the furniture we choose to place in front and under them. Low arrangements, such as console tables and small buffets, can be placed in the spot under a window. A cozy sofa, along with books and newspapers in small storage furniture can also be placed against the window. Reading next to windows – especially if north oriented – can be very beneficial because of the light as well as the view to the outside. Another possibility is to have the desk next to the window. Alternatively, you can consider a custom built bench that would fit perfectly under your windows and allow you to sit on a few soft cushions, put your feet up and lean your side against the window. This would be a perfect spot for your morning coffee, you afternoon reading or daydreaming, any time of day. This configuration for the area under windows can be a simple wood construction made of a simple bench with open of closed shelves under it. It is a type of configuration that is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time utilizes the space very functionally. It can be used not only in the living room but also in bedrooms or even in the kitchen area if windows allow.


To sum up, the health, aesthetic and economic benefits of having large windows that provide fresh air and natural light are undisputed. When you are looking for a new house, make sure to take that into consideration. Every house has its unique potential and windows combined with clever design solutions can bring out the best in each one, adding a unique feel of light, air and space.

If you are considering buying a new house or optimizing the windows or the space around them in your current house, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.



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