The top 5 Interior Design Mistakes that affect your Mental Health.

The top 5 Interior Design Mistakes that affect your Mental Health.

The environment that surrounds us plays an important role in our daily mood and mental health. Therefore, the interior design of a space where we spend a significant part of the day, such as our home or our workplace, contributes significantly to the quality of our lives. This is why we have gathered here the interior fouls that should be avoided.

1.Dark Rooms

Light is everything and its positive effects – on our physical and mental health – are numerous. The lack of natural lighting in rooms creates melancholy and decreases the ability to focus. Natural light is the best type of light, but if your place lacks natural lighting because of small windows for example, and this is not something you can easily change, there are other ways to fix the issue. A ceiling lamp alone is not enough. Efficient lighting solutions such as floor and desk lamps can be a great help. Also, remember to stick to white led lights and try to avoid brightly coloured ones that dazzle and disorientate.

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2.Heavy Textiles and Fabrics

As we mentioned, windows are extremely important for natural light but also a sense of connection to the exterior. Avoid covering them with dark or heavy curtains that block out the light. If some covering is needed for privacy reasons, try to keep the fabric light. In addition, avoid heavy fabric in general. Throws and furniture covers made of heavy and dark fabrics or even dark wallpapers or heavy tapestries, are not only old fashioned but can contribute to a suffocating and claustrophobic feeling. If you really like throws on your furniture, try choosing ones with light fabric and colors.

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3. Too many Dark Walls

In addition to tapestries and wallpapers, another mistake that causes depressive feelings is painting too many walls with dark colours, such as grey or dark blues and dark greens. Pastel shades are usually an efficient choice. For example, beige guarantees calming and focusing vibes, while mints and lilacs create a joyful atmosphere.

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4.The Lack of Indoor Greenery

Plants and flowers are vibrant elements that not only add style and colour to a space, but they also clear the air and produce oxygen and of course refreshing scents that spread around the space.

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5. Cluttered Shelves

Although small decorative items such as souvenirs – might be of a sentimental value, most of the times they give a feeling of clutter, which undermines the sentimental value. Usually, people end up collecting random objects and placing them on shelves without organizing them. Just the image of stuffed shelves looks suffocating and might cause anxiety. Bedroom and Living room shelves should be wide and clear with a few styled marched decorates. If you have some valuable keepsakes, make sure they are displayed without clutter so their value can shine even more.

Just keep in mind that shelves are definitely not storage spaces!

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