Tips for a Stunning Home Library.

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Tips for a Stunning Home Library

Α home library can support a cultured and curious lifestyle while also upgrading any living room area into a distinct and cozy space to spend quality time. While we will not dive deep into the benefits of books here, one study seems worth sharing, especially if you have kids! This study showed that kids who grow up around books, even without actually reading them, end up being more curious, more studious, and smarter all around! Now that is a reason to include a home library in your house and hoping some of it can even rub on us adults too!

A home library does not necessarily need to take up a whole room, nor is it enough to simply add a piece of furniture with books on it in your living room. To create the perfect home library, here are 4 tips we would love to share!

1. Turn a wall into a library

Instead of buying ready made bookshelves for a library, you can build tailored shelves that can cover one large wall, floor to ceiling, end to end. This will create an illusion of space and make the room feel larger than it is. These shelves can be made of simple wood and can even be painted to match the walls.   

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2. Add a Mini Salon

You can easily turn a 2D library into a 3D “mini salon” by adding an armchair and a little coffee table. A comfortable reading chair and even footrest are the perfect addition to create a whole space of “reading vibes” instead of restricting the library to a limited corner or a flat wall. This space shouldn’t replace your living room of course but is located on the side of the room. 

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3. Light up your Books

When done intentionally, lighting up your library can create a very special feature. There are many ways to light a library, you can try hidden lighting at the bottom of the shelves, or indirect lighting from the sides. Whichever method you end u choosing, make sure it create depth and perspective in the library. You will love turing on these lights in the evening, to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. 

4. Add some Melody

When it comes to cultural quality time, many prefer a holistic experience. Not only do vinyl records and the vintage player look beautiful when are integrated in the library, listening to music while reading can amplify the experience and add to the joy of reading.


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