Laundry Room Ideas

Love it or hate it, laundry is a chore that needs to be dealt with. The “laundry” as a space can be as small and simple as the washing machine itself, or it can be as large and elaborate as a dedicated laundry room, all of its own. And believe it or not, having a dedicated laundry room doesn’t have to be a luxury. With a little space optimization, you can create a laundry room even in small apartments! The key is to optimize and organize your space to facilitate this daily activity, make it easier and why not… in style?


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A small entrance can be the perfect opportunity to create a cozy and homey feeling that welcomes you and your guests, the minute you arrive home. Even if the space is limited there are always clever tricks you can implement to optimize the space, make it functional and make it feel welcoming.

Limited Space? Laundry in the Bathroom.

Behind the cupboards

Be practical and stylish by hiding your washing machine behind cupboards in the bathroom. That way you will have space to place other household or sanitary items around the washing machine.


Built in

Another efficient idea is to place the washing machine under the sink and save major space instead of having random empty cabinets there.


Be organized

You can create a small laundry-space in the bathroom by installing open drawers and shelves around your washing machine. That way you will have a place for anything laundry-associated.


Tip: Technology helps you save space and time. Choose a wash & dryer to save room when your bathroom is too small.

Where else?

Mirror on the Wall

Closet – Room 

We have talked about cloffice before. Now let’s see how to create a laundry space in a closet. If the bathroom does not work for you, you do not have space for an extra room but also do not wish the laundry space to be visible, built in a closet space just to facilitate laundry. Either a small closet, nor a room, a closet-laundry is is a specially constructed area, closed with doors, either closet-type or sliding, with a special space for shelves and drawers or hangers  for the storage of bed linen and other clothing. It can be in a bedroom or in common areas such as a hallway.

Basement / Attic

We discussed on our Renovation Series, ways to transform your basement. Some ideas where gym, sauna etc. Another smart hack is to dedicate some space in your basement or even the attic to create a laundry area.

Because your basement and attic probably facilitate other daily life necessities as well, you can always use space dividers, custom-made doors or even curtains to restrain your space. If the space allows it you can also go with two different machines, one for washing and one for drying.


Dedicated Laundry Room

Finally, the dream laundry room. If you have extra room in your house, or if you are renovating and changing the layout for that exact reason (check our related project), then this is how to make the perfect laundry-room.  

One of the most important factors is the successful ventilation, so try to have a window that can be opened and enough space to air dry your clothes.

At the same time you can create an ironing corner – you don’t have to bother moving into another room if there is space, install some baskets and hangers and finally decorate a bit in case your chores take to long and you need some pleasant aesthetics.

Finally, along with the ironing space you can install an extra sink to wash delicate fabrics and clothes you do not wish to be ruined.

7 Remote Office Setup Ideas To Boost Employee Productivity

When it comes to creating a productive work environment, the design of one’s office space can play a crucial role.

And this is true even for employees who work remotely. It’s no secret that people perform their best when they are comfortable, no matter where they are. So, establishing the right working atmosphere is a must for any successful company or business. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the top office setup ideas that you can check out to keep your remote team on high gear.

Top setup ideas to optimize performance for remote workers.

1. Ergonomic Office Furniture 

Ergonomic office furniture is like the superhero of the office world the secret weapon that can boost productivity and reduce absenteeism. This is because it’s designed to provide optimal support and comfort for the human body. For instance, the ideal chair typically comes with lumbar support and adjustable armrests that can reduce strain on the lower back and shoulders. Additionally, healthy seating options can lower the risk of deep vein thrombosis, a condition caused by long periods of sitting.

It’s also essential to choose the right work desk with built-in cord management systems. These can help organise cables under your desk to eliminate clutter and potential tripping hazards. On top of this feature, an employee’s working table should also have the correct width and height (customised to the worker’s needs) to promote good posture. This can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, such as back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendinitis.

Although this tyope of portable equipment may be a bit pricier than standard designs, it’s a small investement that will pay off big in the long run.


2. Proper Lighting

Lighting is another consideration of optimal productivity. Studies have shown that natural light has a positive imact on the overall well-being of employees.

This can help keep employees alert throughout the day as they work on projects or tasks. So, set up or encourage your employees to choose an office space with plenty of sunlight. Or they can consider adding skylights or windows to their existing workstations. As an alternative, they can brighten up their spaces with LED bulbs or lamps which can make a world of difference in keeping morale high and sparking creativity. 


3. The Right Colour Schemes

Using splashes of colour around the office can establish a more inviting atmosphere and put everyone in a better frame of mind for work-related tasks. For example certain colour like blue and green produce a calming effect and reduce stress. On the other hand, yellow and orange can help boost energy levels. 

Thus, incorporating multi – coloured walls or paintings into their workspaces can invigorate remote office areas. And these won’t even distract from the work itself. So, you and your team need not be afraid of trying out different hues!

4. Personilized Decor

Personally – chosen ornaments can significantly impact your employees’ productivity.

For example, a framed photo of loved ones on their desks can provide the inspiration they need to fulfil their work responsibilities day in and day out. Also, wall art, like inspirational quotes or pictures of nature scenes, can be beneficial in getting their creative juices flowing. Not only do these individualized nick knacks liven up a room, but they can also break up stagnant energy that may originate from mundane tasks, helping them stay motivated throughout their shift.

5. Plants

Adding some greenery to one’s office can bring a sense of nature into the workplace.

This can go a long way in relieving stress an creating a more pleasant and relaxing environment. Plants also release oxygen that reduces humidity levels and energises people during long work hours. 

In addition, they are natural air purifiers that help remove toxins and pollutants from the air. As a result they enchant air quolity and help prevent the risk of respiratory problems. Ornamental plants can also give tired eyes a peaceful respite from staring at a computer screen all throughout the day. 


6. Quiet Space

Having access to quiet environs is essential for any  productive employee who works remotely. This is  especially critical for people who work at home and may typically be within a short distance away from children or neighbours.

Protecting the serenity of remote work spaces is absolutely necessary to ensure that distractions are kept to the barest minimum. Thus, encourage your employees to designate areas  where they can work continuously without being  disturbed by excessive sound levels,  which affect concentration and performance.

7.  Technology 

Finally, smart tools such as interactive whiteboards, cloud storage platforms, messaging applications, video conferencing capabilities, etc., contribute to smoother workflow processes. All these technological tools can greatly improve communication between teams and employees across geographical locations!

The Bottom Line 

Whether it’s investing in ergonomic chairs and desks,  incorporating plants into your decor, or getting the proper lighting and colour schemes, these office space hacks can make remote office setups work for you and your team. As a result, you can achieve an optimal working environment that can make telecommuting an enriching and satisfying experience for everyone!

For more savvy resources for online work, particularly on interior design ideas for creating the ideal space, check out our blog on  AKKA architects today.

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2023 Interior Design Trends

Trends in interior design may not come and go as quickly as fashion trends, but something new always emerges to inspire us. Whether we just moved and want to start from scratch or we just want to upgrade and update our space, it’s good to know what are the latest interior design trends as quickly yet neatly, as soon as they get home?

Grounding with Earthy Tones

Back in October, we had already written about the Colour of 2023, Wild Wonder. Wild wonder is perfect for a luxurious yet peaceful interior. Natural elegance will be a protagonist this year in people’s homes, as earthy colour tones and palettes are becoming super popular this year. After Covid, people learnt to re-evaluate their homes and treat them like sanctuaries. Now that “remote” and “cocooning” are no longer a necessity, they are becoming a chosen lifestyle for some. Calming earthy tones, on the walls and in different textiles, bring a grounded and calm aura and leave a large opportunity for experimentation with furniture and decorative items that can then better stand out.   

Wellness Reflected

Not far from the grounding idea, self-care and wellness are going to be reflected more and more in our interior designs. Instead of folding and hiding your yoga mat, create a training corner and combine it with some plants or candles. A nice rug for a peaseful reading corner is always a good idea and creates a “room inside of a room” effect which gives the illusion of depth and perspective.

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Sustainable and Green

This is not new but a favorite classic and will keep running in 2023… and stronger than before. Natural wood finishes are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for products that have minimal environmental impact. At the same time, items made of vintage and recycled materials are small makeovers that achieve a biophilic interior design.


That 70s Flashback

Among the earthy tones mentioned above, there is  brown, red, orange and terracotta. Do those colors remind you of vintage movie frames? Add to that furniture with soft angles and curves, as well as low lighting with mushroom-type lamps. At the same time and in addition to wood, cork and wicker elements will contribute to sustainable decoration this year. The 70s will return this year to radiate warmth and comfort.

Personality Display

Antiques, paintings, statement pieces, books and albums, sculptures and records, are being displayed this year for everyone to admire, ask and learn about. It is all about sharing your cherished interests and giving an honest glimpse of your personality not digitally to the world, but physically and intimately to your visitors. Your house is not just bricks and mortar, it has a soul and most of the time it resembles yours.

What we will not be seeing:

This year we are saying farewell (and please don’t come back) to:

  • All Black and White (and grey…) Interiors.
  • Floating Shelves
  • Dominant Glassand Metals
  • Fast Fashion Furniture
  • Farmhouse Aesthetic (it’s burned out)
  • Extra-Royal Aesthetic (was that ever cool?)

What are we left with this year? 2023 is the year we take a deep breath in and out. The statement of serenity, calmness, wellness and openness is pretty clear and will definitely be reflected inside many homes.

If you are considering renovating, updating, or just refreshing your interior, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

A Portal to your Home | How to Optimize your Entrance

The entrance of your home is the very first impression your home gives. It is a great opportunity to reflect both the overall aesthetic of your space and your personality. At the same time it is important that it is utilitarian and makes your daily life easier. Let’s be real, nobody likes to be stressed searching for their keys and wallet just before heading out. And wouldn’t everyone love to be able to offload their coats and shoes quickly yet neatly, as soon as they get home?

Here is how to optimize your home’s entrance in the most practical and stylish way.


In case your entrance space is small & narrow

A small entrance can be the perfect opportunity to create a cozy and homey feeling that welcomes you and your guests, the minute you arrive home. Even if the space is limited there are always clever tricks you can implement to optimize the space, make it functional and make it feel welcoming.

Hangers and Shelves

Hangers and Shelves are great for coats and jackets, keys, phones and maybe even some change, handy to tip your delivery person. There is nothing more practical than this. Another addition is shoe-racks and storage baskets under your shelves and hangers. You can devote the whole entrance area to clothing and storage. You can just add a small shelf with a wall-hanger and a rack under it. It takes zero room and creates space for your belongings. Consider this area to be the space where you can release every physical and mental baggage before you enter your home and relax.

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Mirror on the Wall

A classic way to optimize your space and add style is a mirror on your wall – it can be above your shelf.  You can take a good look at yourself before leaving the house – maybe quickly correct your hair or make-up while grabbing your keys on your way out.

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Beautiful Rug

Take a few minutes to relax and transport yourself into the forest. Picture your worries slowly drifting away with each ripple of water in this peaceful stream – any unwelcome thoughts become leaves that are gently swept up by the current until they eventually disappear out of sight. Hang around for as long as you need before finding calmness to take back with you when it’s time to return to work.

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Custom Tailored Made Ideas

In addition to the well know tips, there are always smart hacks that can be tailor made specifically for exvery situation. In this project of ours, this family needed a place for their keys, so we created a niche behind their TV furniture, which was itself tailor made too.  

More on this project here.

In case your entrance space is large

Large spaces can be great. However, sometimes they can also seem cold, chaotic or unwelcoming. With the right interior design hacks, you can ensure your large entrance is a comfortable, welcoming and stylish space; a magnificent portal.

Small Sofa

If you have the space, consider creating a pre-entrance, a sort of vestibule space, a space before the space. This is a very famous feature in traditional Japanese architecture. The vestibule just inside the main entrance to a Japanese home is called a genkan. Whatever your style is, you can create your own version of a ‘genkan’. A small sofa or a couple of armchairs could be perfect for putting on/off your shoes, or waiting for other people when you are ready before them. This space will be functional but can also be a statement area, a teaser before people get to visit the rest of your home.

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Whether a few or a full oasis, plants and greenery in the entrance of your house make a connection between the outside and inside parts of your home. In addition, walking into greenery can give you a fresh boost and help you detox at the end of a long day.

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Photos / Posters

To reach a homey feeling in a potentially ‘cold’ and ‘large’ space, you can always warm up the space by introducing yourself, your family and your friends with some photos for example. Alternativeely posters and art pieces that inspire you, or make you smile can be a great reminder of positivity in your house. You can also choose an item that acts as an ice-breaker or a conversation starter, great when receiving guests!

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Console Table

A large console table with drawers and space on top for your favourite decoratives and necessary items is also a great choice to fill a large space, add depth, create storage and also give a bit of style to your entrance.

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Of course if your space is big enough, you can consider a combination of many of the items listed above. When done well, a combination can create a perfect – and a very unique – entrance area.

One last smart hack, if you need to divide your entrance from the rest of your home, try a see-through piece of furniture, like a library with open shelves, a folding divider, or even install some modern screens. Wood can be a great choice to bring warmth into the space. But if you prefer something more modern, there are many choices out there!

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Always remember, no matter how big or small your home is, an entrance is a major daily necessity. And with the perfect interior design, you can create not only a functional space that will literally make your life easier, but also a stylish space that can nurture your emotions, and that you can connect with on your way in and out. 

If you are considering renovating, updating, or just refreshing your interior, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Optimizing a Small Apartment into a Luxury Residence

Here in AKKA we strongly believe that beauty and functionality are not luxuries, they are necessities. In fact, we believe that luxury is a necessity.

The ideal home for you does not have to be a pipeline dream, far in the future.   As long as you have the right mindset, the right professionals by your side and of course, the will for change, your ideal home can be your next project, achievable in the near future! With the right finishes, furnishings and accessories, even the smallest apartment and most basic can be transformed into a luxury residence: not far from the ones you see published!

Invest in a single piece of Statement Furniture

You do not have to spend a fortune on every little thing to create a luxurious atmosphere. Just pick one. By choosing one central statement furniture – say a large coffee table – you can build your interior around it, selecting other more cost-efficient objects and accessories to match the main one. That way you will also have a “guide”, a baseline to help you create a harmonious and matching aesthetic.

Say Yes to Metals

Luxurious interiors do not have to be tacky and you do not have to over-do it. Metal is always a classychoice especially when combined with other elements and kept minimal. Silver, gold and rose-gold details in furniture always bring up elegance and evoke luxury. At the same time, they can easily be combined with almost every interior design style and aesthetic. And never forget, metal is a timeless statement, especially classic metal bed frames, which totally upgrade the entire bedroom.

Say No to Primary and Rainbow Interiors

Vivid and intense colours are not the best choice when you go for luxury. Not only they leave you with very limited interior design choices, they are tiring on the eye and can cause lack of focus and serenity. Choose elegance with nude tones, earthy tone & touches of black and whites, with some metal details potentially, as mentioned above. Check out our piece on “mental health” to learn more about how colours affect our everyday lives. 

And since we are welcoming 2023, get to know how to evoke luxury, with the colour of the year, “Willd Wonder”

Mirror on the Wall

Optimize your space with mirrors. As we mention in our piece “Small Place Mistakes” , mirrors grant depth and perspective even to the smallest places. The illusion of extra space can be achieved only when a mirror is installed in a smart and elegant way. Avoid narrow sticker mirrors and try large ones which also brighten up the whole house. Large mirrors are a great fit in entrance halls, bathrooms and living rooms. If you prefer a non-traditional style, you can also “play” with a composition of smaller pieces to create a large one. Just get creative!

Invest in hidden Smart Storage

Whether your home is a small or a spacious one, having things out of sight is real luxury. House, kitchen and lots of other items are necessary items which sadly “ruin” a tidy home’s aesthetic. The secret to empty clean luxurious surfaces that have one single plant on it, is having enough storage (hidden out of sight) to put away all the items and clutter of daily life. If your apartment is small, find smart solutions  that use the most unlikely places to maximize storage. Go for beds and couches with inside storage, cabinets with hidden storage drawers, doubled up walls and never forget:  the space of a house is not only the width and the ground. Make the most out of the height and the walls with shelves and cupboards that act as storage spaces and as decorative elements as well.



Books and Decorative Items

Last but not Least. Let your interests and personality be reflected in your interior by showing your displaying books and art pieces. The better way to highlight these items, is by using accent lighting. Accent lighting is a form of decorative lighting and it focuses on a particular area or object, in order to highlight its aesthetic, give the feeling of depth and create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior design. Learn more about the types of lighting here. At the same time, a well-curated library always reflects the various interests of a home’s inhabitants. Learn how to create your stunning library here.

Regardless of the size of your house, you can turn it into your own personal luxury interior. A luxurious transformation will improve your lifestyle and help you be in your best mindset. Never forget: Your home reflects and more importantly can support, your personality!


If you are considering renovating, updating, or just refreshing your interior, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Corporate Wellness

Whether working from home or reporting to the office headquarters, finding inner peace and balance in an ever-changing workplace can be a challenge. But with the right tools, mindful meditation practices can help create a more positive environment for employees to get their work done — freeing our minds from stress so we’re able to think more clearly, creatively, and effectively. Practicing mindful meditation in the workplace can benefit you as an individual, a team, and even your company’s overall workforce development. Taking some time out of your workday to focus on mindfulness exercises can be especially beneficial for employee retention. Don’t be afraid to share these tips; they will make all the difference in how you and your colleagues perceive and approach your job.


1. Let it Go

Looking for a way to hit the reset button? You can find that in just 2 minutes! Find yourself some peace and quiet, get into a comfy position, close your eyes and start focusing on your breath. With each inhale imagine only good things entering you even as anything bad slowly but surely leaves with every exhale. Keep doing this until either 20-30 breaths are done or time runs out – whichever comes first. And don’t worry if getting rid of negative emotions takes longer than expected; take all the time necessary because when it’s over, you’ll be feeling refreshed and more positive than ever before.

2. The Attitude of Gratitude

If a break from the 9 to 5 is what you need, this exercise can provide some much-needed relief. Give yourself five minutes (or more!) for meditation—take it anywhere and let your thoughts drift towards all that makes you smile. A cozy blanket, an old kitty friend waiting at home… Everyone’s got something special in their life worth being thankful for. And when work starts getting tough? You just remember how lucky you are—the smiles will never stop coming.

3. Serene Stream

Take a few minutes to relax and transport yourself into the forest. Picture your worries slowly drifting away with each ripple of water in this peaceful stream – any unwelcome thoughts become leaves that are gently swept up by the current until they eventually disappear out of sight. Hang around for as long as you need before finding calmness to take back with you when it’s time to return to work.

4. Sweet 16

Looking for a relaxation exercise? Look no further! With this simple and effective technique, you can find peace of mind in the comfort – or privacy – of your own space. First, take a deep breath through your nose as you slowly count to four–hold it there before carefully exhaling on another countdown from four. Sit back, relax, and repeat as often as needed; one round should do wonders but if not just keep at it until that calming feeling kicks in.

5. Take 20

Take a break and find yourself some peace by taking 20 deep breaths. Close your eyes, and relax into it—you may even want to sway with the rhythm of each inhale and exhale! Imagine every breath as an opportunity for cleansing; as fresh air enters through your nose, feel that tension begin to release from every part of you. Let out all those worries in one long sigh when you finish counting up – doesn’t that already feel like such relief?

6. Quotable Quote

Got a go-to quote that fills you with motivation? Take some time to find one if not, then get those creative juices flowing. Once your mantra is chosen, repeat it at least 10 times and take note of how you feel afterward – no white noise allowed! Doing this mental exercise can help give clarity in ongoing challenges or just generally help keep the good vibes going for life. Get ready to recite these motivational words from memory as much as possible; whose energy are you ready to channel today?

7. Invisi-Ball

From the sun’s rays to a gentle breeze, energy is everywhere and it has some pretty amazing powers. Not only can it cause us discomfort or pain, but if you know how to harness its potential then that same power could make you feel relaxed and in control, too. Try this cool exercise during your break – rub your palms together until they get warm, separate them while still facing each other, and just observe what happens between them. You should start feeling a tingly sensation – like an invisible ball of energy bouncing back and forth from palm to palm. Increase or decrease the intensity by bringing those hands closer together; becoming one with that buzzy vibe as much as possible will bring a lot of things into focus.

8. Step by Step

Take a stroll, and take the time to appreciate your surroundings! With every 20 steps you make, stop in your tracks just for a second. Look around – perhaps there’s some trees or pretty flowers nearby? There’s always something beautiful that can bring joy – it could be anything from the sky’s hue to an interesting cloud formation overhead. The same goes with sound: birds singing? People laughing? Those everyday noises can also give us perspective on life. And of course, don’t forget about smell – open up those nostrils and let nature woo you. The key is finding moments all around you that will remind you how amazing life really is…so carry on exploring!

9. SuperFocus

Find something to touch or hold – it can be anything from your mug of coffee, a pen on your desk, or even that plant over there – and give all of your attention to its details. What color is it? Any patterns? Words? Now move onto how it feels; smooth surface or bumpy edges perhaps…warm maybe…? Spend at least five minutes just being present with what’s right before you until time’s up. Take note afterward about whether the brief escape was successful for ya and exactly how are feeling now.

If you try just one of these mindfulness exercises at work, you may find yourself feeling calmer and more collected throughout your day. In a fast-paced work environment, it can be easy to get frazzled and feel like you’re constantly running around with your head cut off. However, by taking a few minutes out of your day to do a mindfulness exercise, you can help center yourself and refocus on the task at hand.

If you are considering renovating, updating, or just refreshing your interior, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Small Place Mistakes

Small houses may seem like they don’t have much room for designed or optimized spaces. This is one of the greatest false myths of interior design. The Key Word is “Optimised”.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the hacks of interior design in small spaces and they end up making mistakes that make their spaces even smaller. Here are 6 small place mistakes to avoid:


1. Dark Colours

Colours can have a positive, relaxing or stimulating effect on our psychology, depending on the function of each room. However, small spaces tend to look even smaller when their main colours are dark and intense. This applies not only to the walls but also to the furniture and accessories. It is necessary to remember that in small or dark spaces we should generally avoid using dark colours because the space will feel suffocating. Instead, try colour palettes that are closer to white or bright That doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with a plain interior. On the contrary, you will get the opportunity to layer a variety of other tones and elements, on top of a light base. Wondering how? Here are some tips on how to style a white room

2. Lack of Depth and Perspective

One of the most common mistakes that makes a small apartment look even smaller (and possibly more boring) is the lack of perspective and depth in it.  There are many ways to remedy this, including clever and concealed lighting, the use of different tones of the same colour palette on the walls, cantilevered shelves on the walls (to make the most out of the height of the space) and of course mirrors, which add light, depth and the illusion of more space.

3. Carpets or large rugs

Covering the whole floor, or a large portion of it, can make the space feel smaller. Adding a rug that is much smaller than the room can create the illusion of a defined area, an area in an area  –  room in room effect –  therefore the human eye perceives the space to be larger. 

4. Large bulky Furniture

Large bulky furniture can take up a lot of space in the house without adding that much more incremental useor functionality. At the same time they give a heavy imposing feeling, which small houses cannot afford. Also, big furniture means less furniture and this simply reduces the depth and the eye then focuses on the one massive object and not on the overall space. Try smaller furniture which grants space for more accessories and more variety, which, when done correctly, can help create an illusion of more space.

5. Short Curtains

Curtains that are the length of the windows, and that do not reach the floor are a common mistake. Full height curtains that are the length of the walls and reach the floor offer an incomparable elegance. They serve the overall space by giving color and depth with the contrast of fabric-wall. Most importantly, they give the illusion of height, higher ceilings and overall space.

6. A Single Source of Light

As we always mention, light is everything! Lighting is a major component of a home’s depth and perspective when designed right. There is general, task, accent, and ambiance lighting, and all can be chosen and combined to create the ideal interior. Check out our in-depth article on lighting, to get an idea of how to use it to illuminate and make the most out of your space. 


The easiest and most artsy way to introduce space could be to use a trompe–l’oeil painting or poster. Something bright, and preferably depicting Nature, may work best. But beware, this can very easily be done badly and look cheesy, so choose wisely.

Just remember, small spaces have the advantage of being cozy with a homey feeling. Optimize and make the most out of them to create your dream home!

If you found this article helpful you may also be interested in our piece: Optimising your Bedroom Space.

If you are considering renovating, updating, or just refreshing your interior, get in touch with us. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

New Year's ~Home~ Resolutions

New year, new you, new home! We have all been there, every new year’s eve, making resolutions that are probably too hard to keep! Whether you plan on losing weight, spending less, being more tidy or other self-improvement if you want to succeed you have to design your environment to help you succeed. So this year, we are bringing you new year’s resolutions for your home! What better way of welcoming the new year than refreshing your interior

This is our suggestions for some New Year’s Home Resolutions!

1. Dare to go White

A clean and fresh start! Whether in one room or in your whole house, refresh the walls of your house with a stunning white. White makes small spaces look bigger, dark spaces brighter and gives all rooms a fresh feeling. What greater choice to mark 2023? More on white and how to style a white space here.

2. Upgrade your Lighting

A clean and fresh start! Whether in one room or in your whole house, refresh the walls of your house with a stunning white. White makes small spaces look bigger, dark spaces brighter and gives all rooms a fresh feeling. What greater choice to mark 2023? More on white and how to style a white space here.

3. Use more Greenery

If one of your resolutions include reconnecting with nature and enriching your lifestyle in a healthy and sustainable way, getting into greenery and taking care of plants, is the hobby for you. Mark 2023 by upgrading your interior with all sorts of plants and greenery. Learn more about indoor plants here.

4. Finally get around to redesigning your Terrace, Balcony or Garden

You thought about it many times. Then you got tired just thinking about it and left it for another day. If your outdoors space is abandoned and full of clutter, this is your sign to redesign. If one of your resolutions is to be more social, expand your circle or reconnect with old friends, an outddor space is the perfect help to support you. This New Year you’ll host barbecues and terrace parties under the sun and stars. Start now to have it ready for the summer. Here is how you can create your own Oasis in the City.

5. Renovate your Kitchen and Bathroom

Two of the most functional spaces in every house are the Kitchen and Bathroom. The conditions and design of those two rooms are not only major factors in your everyday life, but they also determine a property’s market value. Why save it for later? This year, renovate your kitchen and bathroom. You will feel better literally every morngin and every day and you would have invested in raising your home’s value for the future. Learn how to begin here and here.

home renovation Akka Architects architecture studio Amsterdam
6. Future-Proof your House

Speaking of future-proofing, as the new year is just around the corner, it is time to look into the future and plan accordingly. Take the next smart step by trying to predict possible life changes and creating an efficient and flexible environment that secures comfort in any major life change that may come your way. Here is your guide.


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Whichever home improvement you choose to go for, make sure you approach the project correctly. When it comes to renovation, architecture or interior design projects, most people tend to underestimate the amount of time and the budget it will take. Without an accurate budget estimate, you risk starting a project you will not be able to complete, leaving you worse off than before you even started. So to avoid this disaster scenario, it is important to take the time to create a realistic estimate for the costs of your renovation project.

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Alternative Ideas for Christmas Decorations

It is the most wonderful time of the year …. to decorate! If you love Christmas and Christmas decorations but cringe at the idea of a huge tree taking up your living room and a cluttered house full of the same old decorations, you will find the following alternative – space efficient yet festive – ideas really helpful.

Instead of a Tree

Instead of a Christmas tree you can always decorate a plant (or all the plants) you already have in your house. If you don’t have any, why not get a new plant that you can decorate now and keep forever after!  You may also prefer to decorate simple tree branches or metallic miniature trees.

And then there was Light

Sometimes simple lighting spreads the Christmas joy and serenity more than any decorative object. Furthermore Christmas decoration trends always change and it is not cost-efficient to purchase new items every year. A minimal and bright option is to decorate your plants, the staircase, a cabinet or whatever item / area you choose only with garland lights. Clear white led is a popular option. As a bonus, garland lights you can reuse in summer, for those bright summer evenings and park barbecues!

The Xmas Corner

The Christmas corner is a place in your house that is exclusively devoted to the Christmas Spirit. That way you can have all the Christmas fun without changing the entire aesthetic of your house or overdoing it with decorations. Usually, this corner is in the hall or the entrance of the house. It could be a small table, a place under a window, or even the fire place – if you have one-   for a more homey feeling. This limited Christmassy space can be a focused area where handmade Family Cards, Cherished Photos and Presents can be placed.

Christmas Greenery

Holly, Mistletoe, and the ultimate Christmas house plant Poinsettia.

These plants are not only great natural and colorful solutions but they can also be thoughtful and meaningful gifts to your loved ones these festive days!

In the mood for more inspiration?

Check out our article “Festive Colour Schemes


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Presents for Architecture Nerds

Christmas holidays are for family, friends and of course present giving! Before you end up exchanging impersonal gift cards, get some inspiration from architecture and treat your architect or even architecture-nerd friends, in the most fun way! Are they not into architecture? Well after these presents they will be!


Presents to Play with:

LEGO Architecture

Lego Architecture is the best gift for architects and architecture & landmark lovers. From Paris to New York City, Tokyo and Singapore, you can create from scratch your own models of your favourite places in the world! All you have to do is connect the pieces. Check for Lego deals first!

Origami Building Blocks

Folding, connecting, and creating. Origami Building Blocks is a gift for those who love architecture and also the art of origami. You can make anything you wish, from typical abstract geometric solids to realistic models of real-world buildings.

Skyline Chess

If your loved ones are both architecture and chess nerds, well this is the perfect gift! This Skyline Chess brings the iconic architecture of New York City to your chess board. Chess will never be the same!

Shapes of Mondrian Toy Diorama

Easily create famous art at home! Mondrian is best known for his abstract paintings made from abstract shapes and primary colours. This specific pattern – Shapes of Mondrian – is synonymous with the neoplasticism movement. Why not help your friends set it up in a 3D version and place it in their own homes?

Presents to Decorate your Home with:

Art Deco Print

Art deco marked the “roaring 20s” and had a huge impact in architecture, interior design, product design and of course fashion. Having an art deco print may suggest a great sense of design as well as art history knowledge! And if not, then just the colours and shapes shout out “elegance”!

CityFrame of a favourite city

You and your friends definitely have a favourite place in this world. Maybe it’s a place you dream to visit together, or you maybe have already visited and had the time of your lives! Get a CityFrame to be reminded of this favourite destination constantly! 

Scented Architectural Vessel Candle

Scented candles bring peace and harmony. These pieces of art resemble famous landmarks and re-fresh your whole space at the same time!

Presents to Wear:

Blueprint Scarf / Tie / Handbag

Alternative, kind of hipster but always stylish – this is the ultimate gift for architecture nerds because it makes a complete statement on its own. A blueprint pattern on a tie, scarf or handbag will certainly be remembered!

City Plan Jewellery

Finally, this one doesn’t need much explanation. Give your loved ones the opportunity to carry their favourite places, with them, no matter how far they actually are.

Have a holly jolly Christmas with the most architectural presents!

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